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Miles Morales Spider-Man #6

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Miles Morales Spider-Man #6

Post by Cable » 19 May 2023, 18:09

This is part 2 of the Carnage Reigns crossover (there was a one-shot to kick it off)

Full Spoilers:
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Miles Morales and Scorpion are trapped under the rubble of the large building. It begins to further collapse and Morales saves them by holding up a section for as long as he can. Scorpion returns the favor by pulling him clear to an open spot. They are however still stuck with no way out. Morales says his phone is broken but Gargan makes sure by smashing it out of his hands; Scorpion still intends to hand Spidey over to Gao. Morales is pissed that Scorpion is still antagonistic when Carnage is clearly the bigger threat to them both. They then hear the moans of an injured EMT worker named Eun. Morales helps her out of the rubble much to the anger of Scorpion, who fears Carnage's ability to possess and pose as ordinary people. This gets even worse when they pull yet another person from the rubble, a cop named Scott. They have little time to think about it as a burst water main is filling their cavern up. Morales sees only one crazy shot of them getting out of here: webbing the group together and then using Scorpion's tail blast to blow the wall, then riding the wave of water out. This plan works as they come bursting out into the streets above. Gao is there ready to arrest Spider-Man. Scorpion actually puts in a good word that Spider-Man could be useful as an ally. It is then that Scott reveals he is in fact Carnage in disguise. Before he can strike however he gets electrocuted and shot up with arrows. It turns out that Gao called in some backup: anti-vigilante group The Cape Killers. In addition to Scorpion this is Taskmaster, Electro (Francine Frye), and Hightail, all serving in order to get time off their prison sentences. Hightail delivers a supersonic kick that finishes off the Carnage dupe. Gao now does give Miles Morales the option to either go to jail or serve time on the team. Meanwhile far below the ground Carnage is in his lair with Neely and he is plotting his revenge as he recovers from the reactor explosion.
With there currently being five symbiote titles hitting the shelves, I am a little symbioted out. So I wasn't crazy about a new crossover event. I must say though that Ziglar wrote a good enough issue to overcome my hesitancy. There is a great building of tension. Morales is stuck in a very claustrophobic situation. Time is running out. He doesn't know where Carnage is. He doesn't know if he can trust the supervillain he is trapped with. He doesn't even know if he can trust the people he is saving. It's a fantastic scenario. And then when Miles does get out, we get a new group of B-list supervillains. I love me some random B-list supervillains on a team. Though I don't recognize Hightail, is this a new character? Regardless it is going to be fun seeing Miles try to navigate this group of wild personalities as they pursue Carnage. Ziglar has successfully gotten me excited for his portion of this crossover. It also helps that Vicentini is a masterful artist!
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