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Venom #17

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Venom #17

Post by Blackcyclops » 01 Mar 2023, 17:48

Like I have to give credit to this team, they’re really telling one of the most twisted and surprising stories out there right now and its always a great ride. I had ZERO idea this issue would end up connecting back to Thor AND still lead Eddie on this magician’s path. I really love this book
So on one hand we have the existence of a being who can reset the entire timeline, destroying everything…, and on the other hand we have a few mind wipes and some gaslighting. You're right, totally evenly weighted.

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Re: Venom #17

Post by Cable » 03 Mar 2023, 01:41

For a number of reasons I don't share your love for this title. But admittedly this issue was a lot of fun, and it has been impressive to see Ewing weave the tale. He basically laid the end result of the series before us at the beginning: this ends in Meridius and the Time Garden. But every step closer to that is still such a surprise.
Best Comics of Week 22

X-titles: X-23 Deadly Regenesis #3 by Erica Schultz (4) and Edgar Salazar (3)
Non-X titles: Dr Strange #3 by Jed MacKay (4) and Pasqual Ferry (2)

In parentheses number of times creator had best comic this year

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