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Captain America Symbol of Truth #9

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Captain America Symbol of Truth #9

Post by Cable » 13 Jan 2023, 00:45

Captain America and Nomad team-up! The Sam and Ian kind.

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The Mohanndan government has bombed a hospital and resistance fighter Bathabile wants to go help. Nomad warns it could be a trap but Captain America says they are going and will give them the fight they want. We see a scene in White Wolf's HQ that confirms this was an intentional trap. White Wolf expresses regret at the destruction but then orders the portals open despite his generals saying normal troops can handle it. White Wolf says Captain America should be brought in dead or alive. Speaking of whom, Sam Wilson arrives at the ruins with Nomad, former Nighthawk Tilda Johnson, Bathabile, and Dr Ayanda Sisulu. They get to work rescuing people but are interrupted by an attack via a group of massive Phrox from Dimension Z. The heroes try to hold them off while the civilians are evacuated. Wilson can tell the Phrox are after him and so begins to lead them away with the help of a large flock of birds, though he is now having to dodge missile fire from White Wolf's military forces as well. Tilda theorizes the portals are being opened via a transmitter in the sky, though it may just be an amplifier because a stronger signal is coming from parliament. The resistance fighters head toward the government building while Wilson flies up and destroys the device in the sky. The portals close but the remaining Phrox are as angry as ever. Wilson flies down to help further but he runs into a new foe: the mutated Falcon!
This is a great action comic by Silva. The art is gorgeous. On the writing side it is fine but there are some elements that I wish were used more. Nomad, the Phrox, Tilda Johnson--these characters appear but aren't used to their full potential. There is little emotional impact on the story. Hopefully after the war is over there can be some more focus on character. Though obviously next issue there is going to be a very difficult fight for Sam against his ally. In terms of overall metaphorical politics there are some interpretations of this that I could read into it that would be rather bad in my opinion, but I am not going to dwell on it without knowing if it is intended. I will take it instead at face value: White Wolf is a racist authoritarian a*hole who is going to get his ass-kicked. And that is something we can all cheer for.
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