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Mary Jane and Black Cat #1

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Mary Jane and Black Cat #1

Post by Cable » 23 Dec 2022, 01:07

Mary Jane and Black Cat team-up in this Dark Web tie-in mini!

Full Spoilers:
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Everything in New York is turning into demons and Felicia Hardy swings over to check on Mary Jane because she knows Peter Parker would want her to. When Black Cat finds MJ however the latter seems to be using energy powers to smash some possessed items. Black Cat questions these superpowers but before MJ can answer she is captured by a living water tower. Black Cat tells Paul and the kids to get safely in the basement and then she makes a call to Iron Man. He is also fighting demons but promises to send drones to look after MJ's family. Meanwhile MJ 'spins for a new power'. She seems able to randomly acquire abilities, and uses a flaming sword and wings to defeat her demonic captor with Felicia's help. Mary Jane does not want to discuss her powers and says she doesn't want Peter to know. She asks how Peter is because she is worried about him and requests Felicia look after him. Felicia doesn't want to talk about this due to the awkwardness of her and Pete's new dating status. While distracted by this she accidentally swings them both through a portal into Limbo. They are confronted by demons and MJ spins a new power but gets the control of pudding. Her and Felicia still manage to fight off the demons--that is until they are interrupted by someone who opened the portal because he needed a thief: it's Belasco!
The last page makes this pretty awesome. The issue for the most part is just setting the stage, catching Felicia and MJ up with each other (and thus the reader as well) and showing what New York is like now during Inferno Dark Web. There is quite a bit of a mystery plunked in it though with what the heck is going on with Mary Jane. If you don't read Amazing Spider-Man you might think this is a plot thread from there but no, this bizarre development comes from nowhere. I don't know how to feel about it, we will have to see the whole story with what is going on there, but it certainly makes things interesting given yet another injection of randomness onto the already quite chaotic demonic circumstances. Add that spice to the delicious idea of Belasco sending Black Cat on a heist and this is looking quite good. I do wish we had gotten a tease though of what exactly it is he is wanting them to get!
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