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Captain America Sentinel of Liberty #4

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Captain America Sentinel of Liberty #4

Post by Cable » 10 Sep 2022, 03:37

This is the Steve Rogers series in case you can't keep the names of the Cap books straight, because I know I can't

Full Spoilers:
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An invisible figure tails Steve Rogers as he goes to visit Bucky Barnes. Cap tells Bucky about the Outer Circle, a group of five individuals who have been manipulating world history for nearly 100 years. Bucky says they use weapons like him to do it--five assassins called the starpoints. He realized he was one when they confronted that new Destroyer copycat. He thought he was alone in this but Cap embraces him and they make a plan to take on Outer Circle together. Steve then walks Amari to school. Amari is excited because of Steve teaching him how to fight, but Cap gives him a speech about not feeding cycles of violence; the skills will just allow him to keep out of the cycle so he can determine his own future and not the one the bullies try to force on him. Cap then goes to his art class and he asks his fellow artists what the shield means to them. They have various answers from corruption and injustice to also hope, but question what it means to Steve. He then goes to have a drink at a bar known to be frequented by ex-convicts, anarchists, and unionists. A man named Arlo goes on a rant there about how the system never changes anything, it's the 'little guys' of history who make a difference. As Cap exits he deliberately walks into an alley with a dead end. He speaks to the person tailing him and says he could have been jumped earlier but the assassin must not want to hurt others. Well here he is alone. It attacks him, being the same Redacted killer that the Outer Circle sent after him when he was in Europe. Steve speaks to Redacted and says he knows there is a person inside there who thinks they have to do what the Outer Circle commands, but they can choose their own place in life. They may have to fight for it, but if they have each other's backs they can stand free. He asks if Redacted will help him flip the table on Outer Circle. The killer stops fighting and takes Steve's hand. Elsewhere The Revolution marks Starpoint Redacted as Offline. He calls the table to convene and broadcasts his final move: Captain America to the Shadow Capitol.
In the comparison between the two Cap titles, this one definitely falls short in my opinion. We haven't seen a whole lot of the villains yet, but there is something almost unseemly about it. We live in an era in which wild conspiracy theories unfortunately are thriving online and one of the oldest and most pernicious is that a cabal of elites directs all world events throughout modern history. This book pushes that theory. I know it is comics, there are space aliens and Santa Claus literally appears as a real character sometimes and etc etc, but Idk it still felt problematic to me. And it wouldn't matter as much if the writing on the title was strong but it isn't. It tries to be deep and just comes off as clumsy to me. Like Arlo's speech here is godawful but it convinces elite assassin Redacted that it has just lived life all wrong! 😐
This book just isn't working for me in this first arc.
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