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Avengers and Moon Girl

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Avengers and Moon Girl

Post by Cable » 13 Aug 2022, 00:28

The second Moon Girl team-up, this one setting up the next issue which will feature the X-Men
Spoiler: show
Moon Girl brings the Devil Dinosaur clone, who she is calling Beasty, back to her secret lab so she can try to find a way to stabilize his DNA. Later when she is sleeping there is a tap at her window and in comes Captain Marvel. It turns out that Tony Stark noticed an anomaly, a red dinosaur on the moon to be specific, and asked Carol to investigate. She was unable to locate the creature and so has turned to expert Lunella Lafayette. She says they must hurry because where Devil Dinosaur was spotted there was also dangerous seismic activity. Lunella is skeptical that she will be allowed to go to the moon and besides cannot leave the unstable Beasty behind. The next day Lunella's parents 'coincidentally' win a trip to Wakanda. While her parents tour the royal gardens, Lunella is taken to see Shuri's lab. Beasty has been flown there for analysis as well. Lunella uses Devil Dinosaur DNA to develop a method of using nanobots to track the dinosaur if he is on the moon. Shuri puts this into motion while they take a moment to stop Beasty from rampaging through the gardens. The next day they get a hit on their tracker and Captain Marvel flies Lunella to the moon. They end up finding a whole gaggle of Devil Dinosaur clones. They round them up, Lunella using a blaster that Shuri gave her and also some tranquilizer darts, but there is no Devil Dinosaur himself. They do however hear noises coming from the nearby Summers House. They end up finding some walking-talking animal-men and put a stop to them. These turn out to be some New Men as inside a tunnel they find The High Evolutionary. He has not only captured Devil Dinosaur, but Wolverine too! Moon Girl and Captain Marvel go to stop The High Evolutionary but suddenly Havok comes blasting in and in the chaos the HE escapes through a portal with his captive dino. They theorize that High Evolutionary planned to use Logan's healing factor to stabilize the clones. Captain Marvel needs to get the remaining unstable clones off the moon but Lunella refuses to go home. She is going to stay with the X-Men and see this through to the end.
Calling this Avengers and Moon Girl is a little bit of a misnomer since it is actually just a Captain Marvel and Moon Girl team-up. Although Shuri is featured too so maybe Captain Marvel and Shuri and Moon Girl was too long of a title. Regardless, I thought this issue was better than the last one. The exotic locations were more fitting to the story than the street-level adventure they tried to do last time. It was also a little bit ridiculous but I think it is meant to appeal to young readers and when it comes to kids there is little better you can do than adding "dinosaurs" and "outer space" together! And the choice of villain makes it work because he is the kind of strange guy that would do this sort of thing. It also is quite topical with what has been going on in the pages of X-Men. I of course am most excited for their team-up with Lunella next!
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