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Iron Man #22

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Iron Man #22

Post by Cable » 05 Aug 2022, 16:45

Continuing the Iron Man and War Machine team-up

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Iron Man and War Machine analyze the crime scene where Vic Martinelli was beaten to death. Martinelli's history is recounted, originally working for Stark but later being fired by Tony after Vic stayed on during Stane's takeover. Martinelli became an underground courier, transporting secret intel for whoever was paying, from corrupt governments to even Hydra. He got involved with Source Control but when asked to transport the Mandarin's Rings he had second thoughts and made phone calls. Stark and Rhodes did not get to him in time. They are still moving ahead with their plan to use all of Stark's money to buy Source Control inventory, though taking Vic's place as buyer will be Clayton Wilson aka Force. The trio meet up and find that analysis of evidence found at the crime scene implicates Titanium Man. They also realize the Mandarin's Rings are involved when they discover Makluan traces. Titanium Man must have retrieved them for Source Control, and indeed the villain is now approaching to attack them too. Wilson makes his exit to maintain his cover as an illegal arms buyer while Stark and Rhodes suit up. They engage in a battle with Titanium Man who is quite powerful thanks to Source Control's resources. The heroes almost defeat him but before making his escape he shoots Iron Man in the face with Compound 13, a lethal gas that killed Captain Mar-Vell. The suit's filtration tries to save him but is overwhelmed in the effort and Rhodes removes Stark's helmet to find him comatose. Tony is hospitalized, and receives visits from Patsy Walker and Steve Rogers. Rhodes tells them nothing of the plans to take on Source Control, even when Cap tries to get War Machine to join the Avengers in Iron Man's place. While later flying a mission over Macau, with Clayton down below making the purchases, Rhodes does however record everything so the information can be sent to Rogers in case something goes very wrong. As for Stark, he is already back in action as he launches out of the plane in his stealth armor.
As I said last issue I really like the direction this book is now going in. Cantwell is doing some good mining of Iron Man history (I remember the Iron Man issues Martinelli appeared in but I've never even heard of the Punisher book they referenced). The Iron Man, War Machine, and Force team is an armor suit fan's dream (forget Mech Avengers, this is the real mobile suit book ;) ). I just hope we actually get to see all three in action at the same time. Titanium Man needs to go get some allies and we can have a new Armor Wars battle royale. Though at the same time I do like seeing Stark operating behind-the-scenes in a stealth capacity to defeat his enemies. But this is comics--how long can that last before the literally smashing conclusion!
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