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Ben Reilly Spider-Man #5

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Ben Reilly Spider-Man #5

Post by Cable » 17 Jun 2022, 02:29

The final issue of this mini

Full Spoilers:
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Spidercide has embraced his inhumanity and Ben Reilly is worried for Kafka and Ed Whelan but she tells him to leave them and go deal with the murderous inmates. Spidey saves John Jameson from Typhoid Mary and tells him to pull his men out. Reilly then starts battling a who's who list of foes, though he gets interrupted when he sees Vermin attacking Mysterio. Spidercide was able to get his tendrils in Whelan and revert him to his monstrous form. Spider-Man talks him down though and Vermin has the presence of mind to help Reilly fight Swarm, though Shriek then blasts Whelan unconscious. While this has been going on Kafka is taunting Spidercide that he says he is mocking Reilly but she knows he really wants to be him. Because deep down biologically he IS Ben Reilly. Spidercide reacts violently to this and bats Kafka aside before confronting Reilly. Spidey has defeated his foes but Spidercide reveals a small part of himself was placed in all of them and it allows for them to regenerate and continue fighting. Spider-Man is then overwhelmed by his many enemies and they are beating him to death. Suddenly Spidercide intervenes to stop it and fights the inmates; Kafka was right and a shred of humanity does still remain in the clone. Reilly is near death but Spidercide pours his own lifeforce into Ben to revive him. This leaves Spidercide comatose though Kafka places him in a containment chamber in hopes to one day cure him. In the end we see a hand touch hers on the glass...
This was a good series. It was ultimately about overcoming your inner demons, finding the strength to change the parts of yourself that you know you need to change (and/or embracing the parts of yourself that you have repressed), whether it was Reilly or Whelan or Spidercide. As I said last issue, it is a little bittersweet in knowing that to this day that is a battle Reilly still has not won. But it was a lot of fun to take a trip back to the good ol' days of the 90s and the Clone Saga and getting to see much more of who Spidercide is. Though I agree with the sentiment Grief expressed in a thread a couple issues back: if they do another of these minis, let's see more of Kaine next time!
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