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Avengers Tech-On #4

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Avengers Tech-On #4

Post by Cable » 12 Nov 2021, 16:56

Now featuring the newest member of the Avengers: Sunfire!

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Carol Danvers takes Steve Rogers to a crowded market in Tokyo because she wants to talk without them being recorded. This is due to her expressing concern that while Tony Stark is providing them with a lot of tech, he is also hiding a lot of secrets. The infinite mirror shards are incredibly powerful and the rest of the team are not getting an input into how he is handling this resource. They are interrupted by Stark on their comms, revealing he knows their exact location as he reveals there are energy spikes nearby indicating Red Skull's forces are making a move. Captains Marvel and America suit up and end up confronting Ultron, now powered by infinite shards himself. Rogers reveals his own new upgrade as his suit bonds with his armor and upgrades him into a new form; this form can only operate for ten minutes before power is depleted, but this is long enough to damage Ultron so badly the robot self-destructs. The Captains are soon surrounded by multiple other Ultrons however and across town more Ultrons are sent by Red Skull and have to be confronted by the team-ups of Iron Man/Spider-Man and Wolverine/Sunfire Battle Fire. The heroes are being overwhelmed but Stark reveals the Iron Shinobi: a squadron of remote-controlled battle suits to help him fight. Carol questions the secrecy and Tony says she was free to visit the production factory any time she wants. Even with these reinforcements the team finds it is having trouble dealing with the waves of enemies, but fortunately more support arrives in the form of Black Panther! He has made some Wakandan improvements to his suit and is able to destroy the rest of the Ultrons with a devastating attack. He also reveals Shuri knows the secret behind Red Skull's IMS tech and they can finally end this battle. Meanwhile we see Venom creeping up on Red Skull's fortress. Inside Red Skull is furious that he has burned through so much of his infinite mirror shards and still has not defeated the Avengers. He must use more of his limited resources to complete his secret weapon: Scream Supreme, a symbiote-being the size of a building!
I was pretty excited when Sunfire joined last issue but he is totally brushed into the background this issue. :| I think he got two lines.

Nonetheless this actually continues to be better than it deserves to be. It is still a lot of flashy armors and explosions (Chamba's art looks great although a couple of the suits aren't distinctive enough to differentiate at a glance) but Zub takes care to craft not just internal conflict for the heroes but also to create a serious of absurdly escalating and yet reasonably impressive threats for the team to fight. Red Skull to Mecha-Loki to an Ultron Army to a symbiote kaiju?! Sure, why not! It plays the line just right between being serious but not taking itself too seriously, and the result is a mini that is actually pretty fun.
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