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Death of Dr Strange: Avengers

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Death of Dr Strange: Avengers

Post by Cable » 05 Nov 2021, 20:53

The Avengers vs The Juggernaut!

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Spoiler: show
Years ago the Illuminati met for the first time where Iron Man expressed how he does not trust Dr. Strange and his magic; but then again Black Panther doesn't trust Tony Stark and his fondness for metals. Cut to the present. In the wake of Dr Strange's death, a cult at the direction of Aggamon is seeking to destroy the Nexus of All Realities with a nuclear weapon to prevent any other beings from coming in as competition. Before they get the chance to enter the portal to blow it up from within, Juggernaut comes out and crushes them all. Meanwhile at Stark's house he is in rough mental shape over what the Three Mothers did to him. He keeps asking his suit to scan to make sure no biological material is contaminating his suit. Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Thor are all there too and none are in a good mood over the events that have happened. T'Challa contacts them from Antarctica where he is monitoring the emergence of Umar's forces. He notes a massive energy surge has been detected in the Everglades and they should go check it out. The four heroes arrive and find the dead cult and the bomb which still has a timer counting down to detonation. Carol picks up a transmission that Miama is under attack by multiple Juggernauts and she, Cap, and Thor go deal with this while Stark is left to try to deactivate the nuke. As they fly into the city they find the Juggernauts are building a giant tower that radiates psionic energy. Cap says they need to figure out what is going on but Thor cuts right to the smashing. As the trio fight the Juggernauts, Steve notes that they are not attacking civilians but rather only seeking materials to keep building the strange structure. Captain Marvel manages to completely smash through a Juggernaut, revealing that they are false constructs being controlled by one central Juggernaut at the tower. Back at the bomb, a centipede enters Iron Man's armor and he panics, activating "clamshell" protocol that immediately ejects him from the suit. He then decides to just take the nuke through the portal and see what is on the other side. After re-entering his armor he does so and finds himself in the Crimson Cosmos dimension. He also finds a denizen of this place mortally wounded. The dying woman requests to be taken to the Mourningspyre, a tower that looks identical to the one the Juggernauts were constructing. She says the Mourningspyre was meant to warn everyone of the threat of the Three Mothers, except that now everyone here is dead. The psionic signal does enter Tony's mind though, and he sees all that happened. There was a girl, The Survivor, who was born to Cyttorak but discarded. She found a home among the scattered people of this realm though and learned she could wield the Crimson Bands. Though just a child she fought the Three Mothers with an army of conjured Juggernaut constructs, but she failed and everyone died. Cyttorak himself fled the realm as a coward. The one she called "mother" with her dying breath managed to get the child through the Nexus. The mother now dies and Iron Man races back to Earth. He frantically tells his fellow Avengers not to destroy the Mourningspyre, but Thor cannot hear because in the fight his eardrums were damaged and he is temporarily deaf. Thor hurls Mjolnir with deadly intent at the final Juggernaut but Iron Man sacrifices himself by taking the hit instead -- though his life is saved at the last minute by clamshell protocol ejecting him. He then takes the Survivor, now exiting the armor to reveal herself as a little girl, and has her activate the tower. Its psionic signal sends a warning out to everyone across the world: The Child is coming and will leave nothing for the vultures.
If you are a big fan of Juggernaut, as I am, this story isn't going to do much for you as it doesn't actually involve that character as traditionally understood (in some ways this is a good thing; let's not have Cain Marko backslide yet again). And while there are some minor plot issues I think (I am still not sure what happens to the bomb, and could someone actually destroy the Nexus of Realities with a nuke anyway? Aggamon might be dumb lol) but it is made up for by what Paknadel actually does: a pretty good character piece on Iron Man. The discussion of apotropaic masks at the beginning was awesome and I also liked the too rarely shown incidence of a hero grappling with PTSD (though pet peeve--I would have liked some reflection on what has happened in his own book as well as it is relevant and arguably even more severe, but they clearly want this focused just on the titular event). He cleverly saves the day in the end after choosing to trust the mystical stranger and overall it is a good issue for Stark fans. Whether it has any significance for the overall event I am not sure, I guess it depends on whether the warning about The Child plays a role. It does further develop just how large the threat is though so it does enhance the narrative in that way.
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