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Eternals Forever

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Eternals Forever

Post by Cable » 15 Oct 2021, 18:17

This one-shot is conveniently timed to prepare the reader for the next hit Marvel movie!

Full Spoilers:
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Ikaris is out flying one day when he gets attacked by a Deviant warship and captured. He is taken to Lemuria to be presented to Ghaur. The Deviant leader has Ikaris taken to the Genetics Interface Laboratory, where Ghaur has developed a method to connect himself to the Eternal's mind in such a way that he can implant a psychic tracking device that will reveal where Olympia is after Ikaris returns to the hidden city. After the process is complete Ikaris recovers and fights his way out, but he doesn't recall what was done to him and is so weak that he collapses while trying to get home. He awakens to a beautiful woman embracing him but it turns out to be a disguised Sprite playing a joke on him. Ikaris says something doesn't feel right within himself and Sprite touches his mind and concurs but has to leave to go consider what this could mean. Ikaris visits the grave of his child and is joined there by Gilgamesh. They go into Olympia and meet Karkas who is watching his fellow former Deviant Ransak spar against Thena. This is interrupted by the Deviant warships arriving. In a case of extraordinarily bad timing, Phastos informs everyone that the city's defenses are down for maintenance. The Eternals thus engage in hand-to-hand combat but are being overwhelmed by numbers. Ikaris and Gilgamesh in a desperate gambit fly to the control tower and together activate the Uni-Mind. The combined power of the Eternals strikes out and begins smiting the Deviants until the villains flee in disarray. After the battle Sprite lets Ikaris know she figured out how Ghaur was able to find Olympia with the hidden mind trick. Back in Lemuria Ghaur demands his scientists devise yet more weapons to conquer the hated Eternals.
I was curious to get this to see how it would differ from Gillen's recent Eternals work. The odd thing is that there are definitely indications that it is meant to take place in the present alongside that volume (Sprite is in female form for example) but it reads more like classic Eternals. This is likely because old-school writer Ralph Macchio is the author. It is almost like they tried to split the difference between not confusing readers of current Eternals comics but also not confusing those becoming more acquainted with the traditional idea of the Eternals. But the end result just really confuses me lol. Maybe I just put too much thought into this one-shot meant to highlight the Eternals for casuals.

So the question is if you are not familiar with the Eternals and are going to see the film should you read this or read Gillen's issues. The unfortunate answer is...you should probably read both lol. This contains elements that Gillen has not touched upon very much like the Deviants or the Uni-Mind, though of course I have no way of knowing if those even factor into the film. This issue in turn though has no appearances by key characters like Sersi or Kingo who feature in the Gillen series. Therefore reading both is going to give you the fullest understanding of all elements surrounding Eternals.

In terms of just quality, Gillen blows this out of the water. But I will say I have a nostalgic affection for Macchio's old-school style, such as when Ikaris says "I can dodge their sluggish attacks all day and strike back with power only an Eternal can muster!" out loud with nobody else around. Classic. I also was amused by Ghaur having a minion dump acid on their own hand just to apparently prove to Ghaur's own staff that he is a real badass. Also classic. Artist Bachs keeps the art pretty traditional too to fit with the writing. Definitely an optional issue but I enjoyed it.
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