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Champions #10

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Champions #10

Post by Cable » 08 Oct 2021, 00:40

The final issue of this series. Anyone got opinions on this run?

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The Champions are celebrating being on the streets again but it doesn't last long as soon the Chaperone robots are launched from Roxxon. The robots begin trying to capture the heroes in order to 'keep everyone safe' and the Champions have to fight back. As this is happening Miriam Blakemoore confronts Andre Sims as he is the one controlling the machines. He cannot be forcibly removed without destroying their work but she notes he probably missed the big flaw that makes some teens harder to predict than others. The Champions themselves meanwhile are figuring this out as they find the Chaperones perform much less effectively against Viv and Ironheart. They theorize this is because Kamala, Sam, and Miles were interns who used the Roxxon app. The app was an information-gathering device to fuel the AI prediction model. Miles is able to use this to create a distraction by acting as much of a stereotypical teen as he can. This draws the Chaperone machines' attention while the other Champions clear all civilians out of the area. By this point Blakemoore confesses to Andre that this entire situation was contrived by her so that she could be seen as saving the day -- she breaks his connection and the Chaperones all shut down. Reporters flock to Kamala to ask her questions about being rescued by Roxxon. The Champions just leave rather than answer. Blakemoore is later on TV apologizing for the rogue actions of Sims and coverage of Roxxon seems to be positive. Kamala is very discouraged by this but Sam tries to tell her that getting the Law reversed was a win and the fight goes on. The team celebrates with a selfie together before heading to their respective homes.
Issue #9 seemed like a closure point for this series with the heroes saving the day so I was surprised we still had one more. This final issue was to let us know that while you can save the day, megacorporations will keep f#$%ing the world over into the future. Truly a message for our times!

I didn't love this volume. It sometimes approached interesting sociological ideas but it only ever flirted with them. Outlawed as a story never to me reached the potential it should have. Regardless I did like seeing these characters still have a regular title to appear in after their respective solos all began to end (Nova, Ironheart, and Ms Marvel), though I did love the issues when the cast was expanded to the teen heroes we don't often get to see as well. With Runaways also over we now have no book for our youth heroes (other than the very niche Strange Academy) and hopefully this doesn't last.
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