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Gamma Flight #4

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Gamma Flight #4

Post by Cable » 24 Sep 2021, 16:57

With one issue to go what are everyone's thoughts on this title?

Full Spoilers:
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Dionne recalls when her father made her into Stockpile. The operation was first performed on Skaar as a test and then on her. Now the whole town of Thomasville has been brainwashed via AM radio broadcasts sent out by Abomination and turned into gamma mutates using the cathexis ray that Samson once invented. Now however Doc Sasquatch can use the ray in reverse, and McGowan believes using the radio frequency they can transmit it all across town. They need to sneak through a whole population of mini-Hulks though and Rick/Del believe they can use their gamma sense to do it. The team attempts this but Abomination catches them on surveillance. He lets them come and they are met by Skaar and then all the mutated townsfolk begin closing in on them. Absorbing Man charges ahead with Samson and McGowan while the others engage Skaar and the mutates. When McGowan powers up the cathexis ray though it ends up overloading and Sasquatch and Absorbing Man are consumed by the energy explosion.
This series feels like there were certain parts of Hulk's past that Ewing didn't have time for in his 50 issue run that he wanted to include, whether major (Abomination/Skaar) or minor (cathexis ray), and so this side story is his chance to plug it in. And seeing more classic nods to the character's history is always fun. Unfortunately though I don't feel the story is up to the standards of Immortal Hulk. It isn't bad by any means, but I wouldn't recommend it with the same high praise I would for the series proper. Yet I am glad for any extra page time members of Alpha Flight get these days. With one issue to go though and so far no sign of Langkowski, I wonder if Frasier and Ewing are actually going to leave him and Samson in the strange state they are in!
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