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Moon Knight #3

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Moon Knight #3

Post by Cable » 23 Sep 2021, 16:38

Anyone else trying the new Moon Knight series? Thoughts?

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Moon Knight is undergoing therapy with Dr. Sterman. He mentions how someone is plotting against him behind the scenes and she mentions the Societe des Sadiques, which prompts him to bring up his former therapist Elisa Warsame. Sterman questions whether he thinks she is the hidden enemy and he says he fears he is. Later Spector is being questioned by Reese about why he killed the vampires that turned her and the others but didn't kill her. He says he realized he has had an error in judgement and now seeks to inflict violence based on what someone does and not who they are. She wants to know then why his crescent darts were used to try to kill Ted. He didn't do it and goes out to find who did. Dr. Badr, aka Hunter's Moon, ambushes him and they engage in a brawl. Hunter's Moon says that he is the other Fist of Khonshu and Moon Knight has become broken. Hunter's Moon will destroy the vampires because they have always been the enemies of Khonshu; he will do what Spector has become too weak to do. While fighting he also questions why Spector seems to not contain the memories of all past Fists of Khonshu as Hunter's Moon does. This allows Badr to have mastery of fighting and he defeats Moon Knight. He then goes and finds the vampires and is going to kill them but Moon Knight sneaks up behind him and brutally bludgeons him. He drags Hunter's Moon out and tells him to never threaten Moon Knight's people again.
I am a Jed MacKay fan; I think he is one of the better rising new talents at Marvel. Unfortunately however I must say his Moon Knight is doing nothing for me. Moon Knight is a title that can sometimes become derivative across volumes (see obligatory ambiguous therapist scenes), but MacKay is doing some new things. The problem is those new things aren't terribly interesting. He did do a good job of making Hunter's Moon seem like a serious and formidable foe...only to then have the villain defeated by a baseball bat, deflating everything he had just built up. Cappuccio's art is fine but nothing special, and really that is how I would sum up this first arc as a whole.
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