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Extreme Carnage: Agony

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Extreme Carnage: Agony

Post by Cable » 17 Sep 2021, 15:55

This sets up the big Omega issue that will conclude the series.

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Gemma Shin was deputy communications director for Senator Krane's campaign when Knull's invasion happened. Now in the present she has been promoted to communications director and is chatting with Krane's son Arthur when he tells her she is underappreciated and should take a break to do something she enjoys. At night she does so, and this is where we find she is the current host of Agony. While on a jog some men aggressively approach her so she slaughters them. The next day at the office she looks refreshed but some men make crude comments toward her. Arthur says to her that he doesn't agree with how his dad runs the campaign and someday he could use her on his team if he makes a run himself. Meanwhile Flash, Andi, and Bren have arrived in Washington DC ahead of the Friends of Humanity rally. They meet up with Hank who tells them that Senator Krane plans to hold his event at the same time that the President is dedicating a memorial to those who died in the symbiote invasion. They believe Carnage is going to use this high profile moment to assassinate Joe Biden. Hank is pretty shocked to find that Senator Krane is Carnage and didn't realize he would be involved in all this symbiote madness. Flash apologizes and says he was trying to keep Hank safe by not telling him anything he doesn't need to know, but now they need to save the President. He tells Andi to enter the hive and try to find some more information. She begins to pick up on a conversation between Carnage and Agony. Gemma is currently at her home where she keeps various body parts of victims as wall decor. When Carnage appears she says they are still missing Silence and Toxin and Carnage assures her they will be there. He then speaks directly to Andi and she immediately cuts the connection. She reports to Flash that all the Life Foundation symbiotes are assembled and he knows they need to act now. Agony meanwhile ends the conversation with Carnage by saying he better keep the promise he made to them. The next day Biden is finishing the dedication and Senator Krane goes out to give his speech. Anti-Venom, Silence, and Toxin see no signs of the symbiotes at the President's event and suddenly Flash realizes that they got it wrong: Senator Krane was the intended victim all along. Arthur then reveals he is the real host of Carnage as he brutally eviscerates Hank.
Last issue was a bit lackluster but the series comes punching back with this one. I was shocked and fooled by the bait-and-switch. It was a good turn by the authors, one of those things that makes you immediately want to pick up the past issues and reread them in a new way. This issue also does a better job of building the actual titular character, giving Agony some super creepy scenes and putting her in a spot more central to the plot. I also continue to like this new evolution of the Friends of Humanity as it is a development that I think makes sense. There are obviously some political undertones in this about insecure people being co-opted into violence, and Wong adds in a bit of gender subtext too (Agony's "you should really smile more": perfect!). Overall going into this series I was pretty hesitant because I was feeling a bit fatigued by the many symbiote events through the Knull invasion, but the writers have surprisingly managed to keep it quite compelling. Let's hope Johnson can bring it all together in a satisfying way in the final issue.
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