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Marvel Voices: Pride

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Marvel Voices: Pride

Post by das_boot » 24 Jun 2021, 13:23

This was great. Two stories featuring trans characters too, which is somewhere I really feel that the MU falls behind in terms of representation.

Even if you’re heterosexual, please read this.

Personal favourites include the Prodigy/Speed story, the Black Cat/Jessie Drake story, and actually? I didn’t hate the Somnus origin as much as I thought I was going to based on how hard they were arbitrarily pushing him.

Anole’s story was sweet too.
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Re: Marvel Voices: Pride

Post by ultimatekey » 25 Jun 2021, 21:33

I just read this issue.............it was really beautiful and it is nice to see that certain historical facts were acknowledge in this issue.

I did not know Shatter and Rictor's kiss were not the first homosexual kiss in Marvel comic books.

The first homosexual kiss on-panel was in X-Force, back on 2001.

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Re: Marvel Voices: Pride

Post by EphemeristX » 26 Jun 2021, 06:51

I liked this alot. We had gays, we had lesbians, we had trans, and bi and pansexuals. It was nice to get the main four, though I wish we'd also gotten an Ace in there too (but truth be told I don't know any asexual Marvel characters). And, of course, I loved that it was so mutant heavy on the representation, but we all knew that'd be the case.
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Re: Marvel Voices: Pride

Post by Gremlin » 30 Jun 2021, 12:06

I enjoyed this even though it strayed onto the sickly sweet side for my bitter soul.

But seriously, I love how much the X-Men has contributed towards the LGBTQ+ side of Marvel. And I also found the issue recommendations interesting as to when certain historic events took place.
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Re: Marvel Voices: Pride

Post by manuel_mc89 » 30 Jun 2021, 17:01

My previous read of Illyana's character, the one before she recollected all her soul parts, from Zeb Well's run, was that she was ace, but now they are gearing towards bi or pan.

I read this and I enjoyed it, mostly, I agree that I didn't love the cutesy tone in some parts.

And while I agree that it is great that the X-Men are the ones that have more prominence with queer characters, does anyone else feels that they are mishandling the young queer X-Men?

It used to be that Bling was the only queer one, then after a long tease, Mercury was apparently also queer and they kissed in X-Factor, and now, over in Way of X, Loa is kissing Mercury and there is no mention of Bling or even an appearance.

I feel like a bigoted saying this, but what about if we develop our previous queer characters instead of revealing arbitrarily that another New X-Men is queer.

Btw, I agree that, the more, the merrier, but Bling and Mercury had a romantic subplot going on in the background of the X-books and now Loa took that spot.

I mean, really, what do we know about Graymalkin?

Also, sorry for the off topic queer tirade.
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Re: Marvel Voices: Pride

Post by Blackcyclops » 30 Jun 2021, 17:15

Well that’s less a queer tirade and more a “I want to see Character X”…it’s nothing wrong with feeling that way.

You can take out the queer characters and insert any number of characters that someone feels should get more page time.

I mean people in a more accepting environment would come out right? Especially younger people, where the fluidity of sexuality and gender is very accepted to alot of them. So David or Loa or anyone else in that generation coming out as not straight, isn’t strange…at least in the US.
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Re: Marvel Voices: Pride

Post by WorldWideWade » 30 Jun 2021, 18:21

ultimatekey wrote:
25 Jun 2021, 21:33
I did not know Shatter and Rictor's kiss were not the first homosexual kiss in Marvel comic books.

The first homosexual kiss on-panel was in X-Force, back on 2001.
Having recently written the Character Profile for Bloke for the site and even using that very image, I didn't know until just now that was Marvel's first on panel homosexual kiss. Go figure.
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