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Captain Marvel #29

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Captain Marvel #29

Post by Northstar404 » 23 Jun 2021, 20:52

This was a solid issue

A few spoilers
Spoiler: show
Carol convinces Amora to help her, they go to an underwater temple to get an orb, which is guard by giant eels, the enchantress takes off and leaves Captain Marvel to fight the monsters by herself. She defeats the eels and gets the orb. Meanwhile Doctor Strange contacts Rhodey using his Astral from. Strange tells him that he can’t help Carol, but Rhodey can. Rhodey agrees’ and Strange gives him the coordinates so they can meet up.

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Re: Captain Marvel #29

Post by Cable » 27 Jun 2021, 11:49

Indeed a fun issue to see Carol literally out of her element. Not to mention a great Disney crossover featuring Flotsam and Jetsam.
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