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Strange Academy #11

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Strange Academy #11

Post by Cable » 12 Jun 2021, 02:04

Does anyone else read Strange Academy? Thoughts on this title?

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Toth stays late in the library studying and falls asleep. When he wakes up it is after midnight and while he is leaving he comes under attack. The next morning the students discover his shattered remains. Doctor Voodoo consults Catbeast who says the boy's crystalline body could be reformed with a spell that he knows. Toth's parents show up and are not pleased with Catbeast who was once the disgraced wizard Ogeode. Shaylee rushes in and wants to help as they try to reassemble Toth. It turns out however that Catbeast can't do the spell anyway because one piece, the heart shard, is missing. Perhaps it will be found by a private investigator Drumm hired: Howard the Duck. Howard interrogates the kids and they all seem to have alibis. Howard does notice something though when viewing the crime scene and it looks like some sort of medallion. It turns out to be a pin, and he recalls one of the students having such a collection of pins on their jacket: Calvin Morse! At this moment the students are all gathered discussing what happened and Calvin finds the heart shard in his jacket pocket. The others notice and Dessy detects despair coming from him. Dr Voodoo runs in and tells them to keep away from Calvin, just as the kid turns into some multi-eyed, muti-mouthed, tentacled monstrosity.
This is a better issue of a series I have not been too impressed with. This title has a large cast and yet none of the students really stand-out to me (I actually would like to see the instructors more often). But here we do at least get the delicious drama of a murder mystery, even if its solution ultimately ends up being pretty basic (and heavily foreshadowed a couple issues ago). I normally am not at all a Howard the Duck fan but he is used to good effect here. This issue has a dark subject matter but bringing in Howard allows them to keep it light at the same time. It was an entertaining issue and hopefully the start of a stronger arc.

Also remember when they tried to make Weirdworld happen? lol. I actually thought it was kind of interesting but it feels like once Marvel acquired Conan again they quickly pushed it out the window, though it lives on in this series.
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