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Immortal Hulk #47

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Immortal Hulk #47

Post by Cable » 05 Jun 2021, 01:35

In this issue our heroic Hulk must fight a group of foes called "The Avengers"

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Emergency broadcast messages are going off as Hulk and Harpy do battle with the Avengers in the streets of Manhattan. She-Hulk is trying to encourage dialogue but nobody else is interested. Gamma Flight then shows up and says they will handle the situation. The Avengers turn this offer down and things escalate further when Thor is provoked by Hulk's taunting into blowing off the jade giant's hand. McGowan uses a teleportation device to get rid of Captain Marvel and Captain America is distracted by the monstrosity that Rick Jones has become, but Black Panther is focused and is cutting through Hulk with his energy staff. With the subtle encouragement of Harpy, it is as this moment that She-Hulk switches sides and uses a shockwave to buy time for her and Gamma Flight to teleport away with Hulk. They end up in an old Fisk hideaway and Hulk and Harpy share a passionate kiss.
Ewing makes the great choice to have this issue be told from the perspective of She-Hulk (my summary doesn't do justice to the issue which features her commentary throughout). She of course is the most conflicted in this fight and eventually makes the right decision. This is one of those issues where it may seem stupid to have all the good guys fighting each other but I think it is one of those times you have to separate your knowledge as the reader from the knowledge of the characters. The Avengers know nothing of the One Below All and only see recent events where the Hulk is repeatedly involved in events of extreme violence. It isn't hard to believe they would view containment first and ask questions later as a necessity, even though ultimately they should trust Banner when it comes to Sterns and gamma in general. But then again Banner isn't even present in the Hulk anymore.

The taste of Gamma Flight vs Avengers makes me hungry for a full-on Avengers vs Alpha Flight fight, something I don't believe has ever happened before! I am glad Gamma Flight is getting its own spin-off comic. I want to read more with them because Ewing did such a good job of keeping the supporting characters interesting, but with this book winding down he is smartly making the decision to use all remaining space here devoted to Hulk himself.

Philip K Dick is my favorite novelist and it was a delight to see Ewing confirm that he was a big inspiration for this fantastic run.
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