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Miles Morales Spider-Man #25

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Miles Morales Spider-Man #25

Post by Cable » 01 May 2021, 01:11

Miles Morales gets his very own clone saga!

Full Spoilers:
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Miles is finding out about all the crimes he supposedly committed when Ganke shows up at his house with something urgent. However Ganke is actually surprised to hear about these Spider-Man sightings. They go upstairs to get on the computer and dig into this. It turns out the fake Spider-Man has robbed scientific labs to get an Oscorp DNA synthesizer and some equipment dealing with rapid peptide synthesis. Ganke thinks this definitely involves cloning and perhaps the Assessor is behind it. He knows the scientist that got captured will need some proprietary tech and predicts this is the next location to be hit. Miles thanks him but then notices messages coming in on Ganke's phone from Barbara. This turns out to actually be what Ganke had been coming to talk about: he and Barbara are dating. Miles does not take this well and pushes Ganke against the wall before leaving. He arrives as Spider-Man at the location to find it was already attacked and then comes under assault himself by the other Spider-Man aka Peter Parker. They fight for a bit until Miles convinces Peter that he is real and not the imposter that was here moments ago. They try to follow the fake Spider-Man but are surprised when he gets the jump on them. The fake Miles also shows the ability to shapeshift his body and puts up quite a fight before the two Spider-Mans are able to web him up. Unfortunately a knock-out gas is then released that allows the clone to escape, though Miles is able to shake off its effects faster than Peter and leaves him behind. He finds the clone again but then gets attacked from multiple directions: he is addressed by a fake Spider-Man who calls himself Selim, and is accompanied by two others in more monstrous forms!

There is also a back-up story in which Miles encounters a joke villain named Bumbler while on his way to Judge's birthday party.
I am one of the few who is a fan of the original Spider-Man clone saga. I have my doubts that this can live up to it. Also how lame is it that there is this cliffhanger scene with these great grotesque characters...that are also on the cover. It was an effective final shock that was totally blown by editorial. Though Carnero at least draws them much better than cover artist Clarke. They look like they might be the boss monsters from the next Resident Evil game.
One thing I did really enjoy about this issue though was how Miles reacted to Ganke. It would have been so cliche to have him be like "hey we are best buds forever! No prob!" but instead Ahmed has given him a reaction that feels more genuine to me.

The back-up story was written by Cody Ziglar who I don't think has done comics before but interestingly is one of the writers on the upcoming She-Hulk show. The story is just ok.
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