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Eternals #4

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Eternals #4

Post by Cable » 23 Apr 2021, 18:41

On today's episode of 48 Hours: Eternals

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Sersi goes to talk to Phastos who is trying to maintain the machinery that is Earth. She tells him she has arranged a dinner with Tony Stark. Phastos has no new information and doesn't think Stark and his friends will be able to help. She doubts it too and doesn't plan to tell them about Thanos but she is going anyways. Over in New York Ikaris is watching over Toby Robson from the sky but sends Sprite to accompany him to school on the ground. Meanwhile up at the Arctic Circle Thena and Kingo have gone to interrogate Druig about all the deaths in Polaria. He cautions them not to come to a quick decision and brings up shared history with Kingo. Back in 1241 Druig was travelling with the Mongols as they conquered their way into Europe. Kingo confronts him and asks if this is somehow his doing. Druig insists he sees humans as peers and is only observing them, but if Kingo finds the conquest of the Mongol Empire distasteful then their leader Subotai is sleeping in a nearby tent and he can end it. Kingo enters the tent but ultimately leaves without killing the general; he is to protect humanity but he cannot protect them from themselves without becoming master over them. In the morning to his surprise the Mongols return east again. He questions Druig about this and is informed that Genghis Khan died and all must return home to select a new ruler. Druig wonders aloud though whether the horde would have returned if their leader had just been assassinated...perhaps Kingo would have actually doomed Europe with his kill. In the present his point is taken and then events reveal Druig is not the killer as a portal opens and out steps -- Thanos! He is trying to kill Druig but Thena and Kingo put up a fight. Druig utilizes mental manipulation and Thena is able to run through the mad titan with her sword. Before Kingo can deliver a killing blow Thanos teleports out again. He shouldn't be able to use the network but yet is somehow hiding inside the machine. Druig says there is someone else who uses this trick, someone who managed to shut down the machine in recent years. Thena tells Kingo to go get Ikaris, they will need him as they go after Gilgamesh and the Forgotten. They apologize to Druig for suspecting him and leave. Thanos then returns; Druig had left him a psychic message during the fight. Druig understands that there is an Eternal assisting Thanos but the mad titan should have just come to him first...
As I mentioned last issue Gillen continues to do a good job of highlighting more characters and then dropping breadcrumbs to keep you sated on the murder mystery. The scenes in this issue helped flesh out both Kingo and Druig. The murder mystery is partially solved but then we get that final page to keep the suspense going. Plus we get a data page of world-building to explain Olympia vs Polaria. The Robson subplot is kept mercifully short this issue as while I am sure it will become significant later it just bores me when it appears. It continues to be fun to just take a deeper and deeper dive into this corner of the MU and Gillen has proven to be a very capable guide. I will say that I do not have any history with the Eternals so how much it all matches up to their past portrayals I don't know.
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