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Mighty Valkyries #1

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Mighty Valkyries #1

Post by Cable » 22 Apr 2021, 18:51

First issue of a new ongoing starring Jane Foster and friends. Who is giving it a try?

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
In a prologue we see triplets somehow transported from their mother's womb on Midgard to end up in Hel. Our story begins two weeks later at the hospital where literal doctor Strange tells Jane Foster there is evidence a man in the ER got attacked by a large beast and tells her to keep an eye out in the morgue to see if this is a pattern. She goes down and asks Rudy about it and he says nothing here but at another hospital there was a man who came in with wounds from an animal attack though he was killed with a powerful hunting rifle. He heard this from colleagues who frequent a bar only for people in the mortuary careers and she wants to go but he is reluctant to let her since she is actually a doctor and not a real morgue assistant. He eventually gives up the name and she goes there only to be immediately flirted with by a man with long blonde hair and a beard. After a drink and some conversation she invites him outside, where she shifts into Valkyrie mode and holds a blade to his neck: she has correctly guessed that he is really Loki in disguise. He drops the act and reveals he is wounded, and says he needs to warn her about something. Right on cue they are attacked by a giant wolf; Loki says this is Managarmr the Moon-hounds, his grandchildren (two souls in one wolf, its complicated) and the offspring of Fenris. The wolf cannot be killed, only captured, and he gives her a mystical chain called Gleipnir for this purpose. She ends up fighting the beast while Loki flees, but then it stops to speak with her as it transforms into the form of a man.
In an interlude we see Hela is angry that the wolf -- which she calls the World-Eater -- has escaped and she is more angry when told her wife has done nothing about this and is in fact absent. She says they will have to call in a hunter about this wolf...Speaking of her wife, Karnilla is being a mother to the children we saw at the beginning. She is in hiding and cursing Loki for not returning to her yet. She needs more time to raise her god-children to one day reign...
Now we cut to the Valkyrie who was freed from the Celestial in Return of the Valkyries. She has flown a spaceship to a world called Perdita that she visited in the past. Apparently here there is an oracle, captured and imprisoned long ago, who is used as a money-making tourist trap. She pays for a VIP package and gets to go ask him one question. She asks what is her name and why is she here. This is actually two questions and the guards are alerted. The oracle has a visible reaction to her and says she made a promise to a woman she loves, a woman he raised. He is the one she seeks, Kvasir, and her own name is Runa. The guards have drawn their weapons and are demanding she step away. She asks if Jarnbjorn will break the magic dome he is trapped in and he says yes. The guards reach "one" of their countdown and are going to fire!
I have high hopes for this since the mini it spun out of was pretty good. Unfortunately we don't get a team of Valkyries (yet) but nonetheless the opening issue is pretty strong. Aaron/Gronbekk manage to provide two different stories with one feeling very fantasy-heavy and the other very SciFi-heavy, so you get the best of both worlds in regards to the different genres that Thor-esque comics straddle. I will say though one part of the story didn't make much sense to me: why was Loki pretending to be someone else and playing games with Jane when he was trying to ask her for help? I guess he is just a weirdo like that...

I actually thought they should have switched the artists too. De Iulis seems more suitable to science fiction and D'Urso to fantasy but the former does Foster and the latter Runa.

It is wise to do the bifurcated nature of the book though. Clearly Gronbekk wants to tell a story with this new Valkyrie, but titles starring original characters are very hard to launch. But have her piggy-back on Jane Foster and suddenly it is much more viable. And I have to admit I am way more interested in what is going on with the first story than the second. Also let's see more of Hela and Karnilla's dysfunctional marriage lol
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