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Maestro War and Pax #4

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Maestro War and Pax #4

Post by Cable » 16 Apr 2021, 17:36

The penultimate issue before we wrap up the latest Maestro origin story

Full Spoilers:
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Doctor Doom arrives in Dystopia and announces himself as the new ruler. The citizens just ignore him though. He goes to Maestro's fortress and there the Minister expresses disbelief that Maestro has been captured and regardless thinks the Pantheon will never be able to hold him. As for how that is going, the Pantheon is currently encasing Banner's body in duranium as they believe this to be the best way to contain him since dismembering him may only result in regeneration. In Banner's mindscape he is talking to Doc Samson about whether he wants to live. Maestro shows up and is pretty pissed off. He kills Samson and tells Banner everyone around him has always tried to keep him weak because they fear him and his potential. He tells Banner to trust in allowing Maestro to take control and prove who is the strongest one there is. Soon Maestro is breaking out of the duranium and going on a rampage. He demands that the Pantheon fire their missiles at AIM and Ulysses does so, though this doesn't stop Maestro from killing Atalanta. We see MODOK who swears they will be avenged, right before the missiles rain down. We also see that Ulysses fired missiles at the Pantheon's own base. They all go up in the explosion but Maestro escapes.

There is a back-up story set years before in which Atalanta and Ajax confront the Black Scythe terrorists.
Full disclosure: I read the first issue of this mini but then dropped it in favor of other things, only to come back now to see where it ended up.
I honestly don't feel like I missed much. It is of course no surprise that the Pantheon fail, it just remains to be seen what happens in the showdown between Maestro and Doom. But the scenes in the mindscape are nice further embellishments on how Bruce Banner could become Maestro. How big Ewing's current run on Hulk is though shows the kinds of problems that come with such a radical redefinition of a character. You read this and you wonder where the other personalities are or whether Hulk can still go through the Green Doors (the Pantheon certainly acts as if he cannot be killed) or why other gamma characters haven't. It isn't necessarily contradictory, we need to see where Ewing ends up, but those sorts of things will now always reverberate through the Hulk canon.
I was surprised to see a back-up story; I would guess Peter David would love to write a Pantheon mini but knows he would never get the greenlight.
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