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Non-Stop Spider-Man #2

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Non-Stop Spider-Man #2

Post by Cable » 16 Apr 2021, 00:46

Anyone else trying the new Spidey book? Thoughts so far?

Full Spoilers:
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Peter is in Kel's hospital room discussing her condition and it appears she has minor brain damage from "smoothing of the gray matter." Norah Winters shows up and Parker is angry because he doesn't want his friend to be part of some tabloid story. Winters says it is an important one though as numerous intelligent young adults have shown up with the same condition and odd tox screens. Spider-Man later helps Norah Winters break into a location she learned of through sweet-talking one of the dealers and they are able to gain some samples. She also reveals to Spidey that she had a friend who died from taking these drugs. It is then that they are assaulted by an attack helicopter. Spider-Man defeats it and questions one of the occupants. The man is not cooperative and makes some passing references to Norah's good Viking genes. Spider-Man then notes that only two out of the couple dozen victims were white, with most being people of color. Unfortunately the captive has distracted them long enough for some mercenaries to show up: the Zapata Brothers! And they have a monster truck with lots of guns attached. Norah wonders how they knew to find them and the Zapata Brothers reveal they used advanced mathematical calculations considering all the variables. It is clear they have been mentally-augmented by some process. A running battle begins as Spidey tries to get Norah out of there. They end up being forced to hide in the sewers. Spidey takes a moment to examine the pills and notes they give off energy. He theorizes that they literally steal brainpower, sapping it from users and sending it elsewhere. There is no more time to think though as the Zapatas have now driven their monster truck into the sewers! In an epilogue we see Zemo has wiped out a safehouse of the drug dealers, telling them they could do better and he wants to speak to their manager.
I'm honestly not sure why this book exists (other than Marvel believing they can make money off of two Peter Parker titles). If it was a mini I might understand and it would be a showcase for Bachalo, as I believe his very kinetic art style is the "Non-Stop Action" that the title indicates. It really does pull you through the pages. But this seems a flimsy basis for an ongoing. It is still a little early to tell whether the plot is going to be worth it. I will say Kelly's choice of villain this issue was inspired though; very obscure and yet perfect fit for an idiots-to-geniuses plot. I do wonder if this title will catch up to the new status quo in Amazing Spider-Man or just ignore it. I guess it partially depends on for how long Spencer is going to run that plot. It seems like it would have been wiser to actually base this book around that, with the Non-Stop Action being portrayed as a livestream.
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