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Avengers Mech Strike #3

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Avengers Mech Strike #3

Post by Cable » 14 Apr 2021, 17:13

This new Mobile Suit Gundam volume is pretty weird..

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Kang's machines take over the Celestial and this essentially breaks time, opening rifts around the world and leading to the Avengers mechs fighting everything from prehistoric creatures to Badoon from the future. The biomechanoids have transformed into pylons that perpetuate Kang's energies. The Avengers are being overwhelmed and decide to fallback to regroup. Captain Marvel tells them she can teleport them out and will explain later. They all end up in a hangar somewhere and exit their suits. Carol says she needs to explain something about their benefactor...That is when Thanos enters and is pleased the Avengers seem to have heard of him. He asks who this Kang is that he needs to kill. In an epilogue we see Black Panther floating in space. A voice speaks to him and he awakens.
You have to admire the earnestness with which MacKay writes a scenario in which giant robots fight dinosaurs and space aliens. It is all of course a little ridiculous but honestly the series has been better than I expected. The last two pages have certainly added quite a bit of intrigue headed into the final issue. I imagine it is going to be a pretty wild finale!
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