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Silk #1

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Silk #1

Post by Cable » 01 Apr 2021, 23:44

Silk gets a new ongoing! Who is giving it a try?

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
A couple thieves break into a high fashion clothing store at night, but Silk is there to stop them. The owner offers Silk something to reward her, and at first Cindy relents before finally accepting an outfit "from last season." She returns home to the apartment she now shares with her younger brother Albert. The next morning she has her first day as a reporter at Threats and Menaces. J Jonah Jameson tells her to direct any questions to fellow reporter Derick. Cindy gets to work, along the way getting the cold shoulder from Norah Winters, until eventually Derick gets a call to a gang murder scene and she goes along with him. When they get there Cindy notices it looks like the men were attacked by wolves...before she and Derick can look into it any further the detective on the case makes them leave. Cindy works overtime getting the story written and as she is leaving encounters J Jonah Jameson. She notices he is being followed into the subway and she tails him as Silk. Two men confront Jameson over the gang murder story, which he is unaware of because Silk accidentally posted it instead of saving it for review, and they want it buried. Silk beats up the two thugs and recovers some kind of bio-organic implant from inside one of their ears. JJJ tries to hire her as a bodyguard and she doesn't want to accept but feels she has to since he is legitimately in danger over her own story. At home she examines the device she found and it has the mark of Fujinet. Researching the company she finds it is an electronics giant founded by Matsuko Ishii that is now under management of her daughter Saya Ishii. We cut to a scene with Saya, who happens to meeting with the person responsible for the gangland murder: the cat demon Kasha! Saya says one is down and there are seven more to go.
Maurene Goo is a novelist who has never done comics before (although the villain choice here might make you think she is a PAD X-Factor fan!) but she has experienced artist Miyazawa with her and I would say is off to a decent start. I am glad Silk has returned to a job in the news because it gives you a classic Spidey nostalgia reminiscent of Parker working under JJJ, except this is better because she does investigative journalism while he was more often just taking pictures (of himself!). However I felt they could have actually leaned into this aspect of it more. I was pretty drawn into the mystery, with Cindy slowly gathering clues, but then the final page just kind of lays most of the cards on the table. We don't know the motive of the villains of course but I felt their very identity could have been left unknown while we discovered it alongside Cindy through investigation. I guess Goo wanted the protagonist, supporting cast, and antagonist all on the page in issue 1. Regardless this first issue did its job of leaving me wanting to see what comes next for Silk.
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