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Black Panther #24

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Black Panther #24

Post by Cable » 30 Mar 2021, 16:13

This is another issue I am surprised nobody mentioned because we get another big X-Men cameo (along with a couple smaller ones)
Spoiler: show
Prodigy is hooked up to a machine that will allow him to psychically coordinate the defense of Wakanda, as just about every black superhero there is has come to the aid of the African nation. The battle commences and Prodigy directs the heroes in various attacks while the adversary engages counterattacks, from soldiers that appear to have a type of symbiote-bonding to even direct bombardment from warships in orbit. As the heroes fight back, one of these ships is critically-damaged but plummets down onto the city. The machine is destroyed and N'Jadaka touches down to personally watch his final victory. However at this moment portals begin opening, and as T'Challa leads a charge the Originators emerge to follow him into the fight!
So it was pretty cool getting to see Prodigy front-and-center here, and also getting to see Nezhno cut loose and of course Storm as well. Nice of them to take a break from Krakoa to come fight off the invasion.

As for the issue, I bet it was a lot of fun for Acuna to do. Coates basically lets him take the reins and just draw 20 superheroes in fight scenes throughout. Did we need a whole fight issue? Maybe to get an idea of the grand scale of this battle but next issue Coates's space saga finally comes to an end and it feels like it has been going on forever lol (over three years is a long story in modern comics!)
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