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Iron Man #7

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Iron Man #7

Post by Cable » 23 Mar 2021, 00:39

What are others thoughts on the current Iron Man run?

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
As Halcyon flies the ship, Tony Stark has James Rhodes make some final adjustments to the Iron Man armor. Rhodes is concerned that Stark is pushing the limits too far and that Stark's heart will literally explode if he tries to punch Korvac with this much force. Tony is confident though and helps tinker with the War Machine armor. As for Iron Man's other allies, Scarlet Spider, Frog-Man, Misty Knight, and Gargoyle in considering Korvac have a discussion about what exactly is a 'god.' Hellcat is alone until Stark joins her; they share a kiss though the Iron Man helmet can't be removed right now without killing Tony. She thinks she is a liability because of Korvac's influence but he suggests she could reverse the process...Over on Korvac's ship, Blizzard notes Stark's ship is faster. An annoyed Korvac gouges his minion's eyes and then instructs Unicorn to turn about and destroy the other spacecraft. Korvac then finds his mind invaded by Hellcat and Iron Man. Stark shows genuine interest in Korvac's plan of utopia; Korvac reveals that all life will be merged into a single crystalline aggregate without entropy. Tony and Patsy mock the idea as stupid and egotistical and Korvac becomes furious. Iron Man blinks out of existence, in both the mental plane and off the spaceship, though Korvac suggests he didn't do this. He does turn mental-Patsy into crystal though and this causes her actual body to go comatose. Misty Knight alerts War Machine but there is no time to consider these developments before the ship comes under attack from the villains'. Meanwhile we see that Iron Man was teleported into some unknown mountains where a group of what looks like different kinds of aliens confront him with weapons drawn, calling themselves the colony patrol.
I have found Cantwell's run to just be bizarre. When it started out it looked like he might take a more back-to-basics approach, but now just seven issues later things have gotten real weird lol. Tony has assembled one of the most oddball teams ever, to fight KORVAC of all people, has struck up a romance with Patsy Walker, and is now god-knows-where with a group of random characters (I don't recognize any of them, I think they are new). I can't imagine how any of this gets resolved because I don't even really know what is going on lol. But there is obviously a sort of intrigue in that confusion. It is another one of those situations where the deck seems totally stacked against Iron Man (who is literally broken inside his suit) and yet you feel he is somehow going to pull it off. With the help of Frog-Man of course.

It should also be noted that this issue contains a reference to the Patsy and Hedy special graduation issue that came out in 1964....
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