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Wasp #1

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Wasp #1

Post by clayford » 21 Jan 2023, 02:47

Anyone besides me pick this one up? It is centered on Jan but also features Nadia. In the first issue we get some throwback to early Jan and Hank, including the death of her father and her transformation into the Wasp, and some more information on Nadia's family. Plus Jan's arch-nemesis, the mutant Krakoa forgets, Whirlwind shows up.
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Holland Oates
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Re: Wasp #1

Post by Holland Oates » 23 Jan 2023, 16:38

I’ll reserve judgment until after issue 2. The creature from kosmos didn’t seem like that much of a mastermind type in the original appearance. But I guess it fits because of it basically killing Jan’s “Uncle Ben.” I was hoping for Sterling Stuyvesant to be involved as he was nearly Jan’s fiancé. But I’ll take Fantasma’s involvement as a consolation prize. There are not that many non-binary supervillains.

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Re: Wasp #1

Post by grief » 24 Jan 2023, 20:24

I love love loved Ewing's Ant-Man series, so I was quite excited for this.

I enjoyed his overall portrayal of Jan. I like her setting up a super-hero bar, like, I think Jan as a successful business owner isn't something that gets recognized enough in the Marvel Universe. It's always "Tony Stark has a pile of money, Emma Frost or Warren Worthington have a pile of money" and Jan's over in the background counting stacks. Good for her.

I like the Lovecraftian set-up for the Creature from Kosmos, I think that's neat. Overall though, the story did lack something to make it feel special. Ant-Man had the throwback to each era of Ant-history, and obviously the Wasp can't do that, but this just lacked some oomph for me.
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