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Carnage #6

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Carnage #6

Post by Cable » 23 Sep 2022, 00:56

Has anyone else been following along with Marvel's latest horror title?

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Detective Jon Shayde is in Niffleheim and he gets eaten by a giant snake. At the urging of the voice of Cletus Kasady, he uses his symbiote powers to carve his way out from within. He then finds Malekith, who has been crucified and left to stare into the wastes forever as punishment for his crimes. Kasady says that all Shayde has to do is kill Malekith and Carnage's plan will fail. Speaking of whom, elsewhere in the realm the evil symbiote has arrived along with Neely and the possessed Helhound. They are attacked by an undead army, and also swooping down from above is Rosvelg. This is a sin-eating God in the form of a bird with horns and a lizard's tail. It grabs Neely and starts breaking his mind as he relives the horrible things he has done and begins to feel shame. That is until Carnage intervenes and offers himself as victim instead. The sins of Carnage are too great and Rosvelg's mind is destroyed as it views not only what Carnage has done but what is still to come. Over in Hela's throne room, this vision of the world being destroyed is seen by one of Hela's attendants and it blinds her. Hela sees an opportunity...Back on the battlefield, Carnage has Neely deliver the final blow to Rosvelg. They go to find Malekith but see that the prisoner has been freed from his restraints. The Helhound can smell Jon Shayde, who has wandered off with the wounded dark elf while ignoring Kasady's voice demanding he just kill Malekith and be done with it. Malekith promises he has broken out of Hel before and he can do it for them again.
It may just be my opinion, but this book does best when Shayde is the focus. There is some interest in seeing what exactly Carnage's plan is, but overall he is the kind of villain who is so nihilistic that it is kind of boring. And you can't care too much about what happens to Neely due to all of the, y'know, murdering and mutilating people. But Shayde and the strange connection to Kasady provide the needed human element. It is the type of ongoing that actually limits itself in that it is about Carnage but you want Carnage to lose so how long can it go on?
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