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Eternals #9

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Eternals #9

Post by Cable » 21 Jan 2022, 18:29

You better watch out, you better cry, you better pout, and I'm telling you why: because Thanos is coming to town

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Ikaris, Sprite, and Sersi rush to defend Lemuria from Thanos and the Oceanic Watch while Kingo holds back to defend Phastos. Thanos forces a Deviant to reveal the location of his enemies and learns about Tolau. Thanos takes Tolau hostage and as he expects this provokes Thena into showing herself. She tells Thanos where Phastos is and he lets Tolau live, though he knows death would have been a mercy. The Deviant has reached the stage of excess deviation and Thena refuses to leave his side; as he mutates she is automatically triggered to kill him and weeps as she runs him through with her blades. Phastos meanwhile wants the destruction of the city to stop and so is going to give himself up. He tells Kingo to continue his work and reveals to him the secret he found: Thanos is an Eternal but is also part Deviant. Phastos then shows himself and is promptly murdered by Thanos. The Mad Tyrant wants to raze the city but Druig interrupts to say that the Oceanic Watch should be saved for later instead of risked now. Thanos reluctantly agrees and departs. Kro surveys the damage done which includes thousands killed. He gives his condolences to Thena and she says she will tirelessly search for the cure for excess deviancy so the Eternals no longer have to kill them. Sersi says Thanos must go first, and the Eternals huddle up as Kingo reveals what Phastos told him. They need to find out more about Deviants and cannot do so in Lemuria given what just happened. They instead travel to Celestia to speak with Ajak and Makkari. Ajak says they need to communicate with the Celestials to learn the truth about Deviants, and to do that they need to engage in a difficult mission: getting deep inside the Celestial that currently serves as headquarters of the Avengers!
Gillen continues to show that they should have just let him write the Eternals movie. The world-building continues to be stellar with him now moving into expanding upon the Deviants and even the nature of Thanos himself. But it isn't just storytelling on the macro level, there is also room for the personal emotional beats: the scene with Thena and Tolau was so striking. And to make things even juicier we are now teased with a stronger tie into the MU proper with that last page! This book remains one of the top tier titles at Marvel right now.

Gillen really killed a lot of characters in this issue though and I hope he doesn't suffer too much hate. This is Yost/Kyle and the bus all over again. I mean he just off-panel killed off Tophraeana Fruitshoe! NOT TOPHRAEANA FRUITSHOE!! At least Flamecow is still alive. He has a lot of potential.
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Re: Eternals #9

Post by Blackcyclops » 21 Jan 2022, 20:04

This post is everything lol
So on one hand we have the existence of a being who can reset the entire timeline, destroying everything…, and on the other hand we have a few mind wipes and some gaslighting. You're right, totally evenly weighted.

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