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Death of Dr Strange: Bloodstone

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Death of Dr Strange: Bloodstone

Post by Cable » 14 Jan 2022, 16:48

The subtraction of a Sorcerer Supreme is going to mean an addition to the Bloodstones...

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Elsa Bloodstone is hunting a monster in London, just one of the many that was freed when Dr. Strange died and all his spells went away. She sees a light in the sky heading toward her house so quickly tranquilizes the monster so it can be captured and then leaves for home. She arrives at Bloodstone Manor and Cullen is there preparing various traps in case any escaped magical creatures try to get in. They have a brief argument about Elsa wanting to sell the house and Cullen not but they get interrupted by an explosion. Tentacles lash out at them and they fight back and when the appendages retreat they find an unconscious girl with an eerie resemblance to themselves. The girl ends up telling them a story about how ten thousand years ago Ulysses Bloodstone opposed a magical warlord named Krakkan. Ulysses sacrificed two dear items to the gods in order to gain more power: one was the nullstone, an item that stabilized and amplified the power of his bloodgem, and the other was his first-born child Lyra. The sacrifice worked and Ulysses banished Krakkan, but Lyra became the possession of cosmic beings. Sorcerers kept pacts with these creatures enforced to make sure none ever ended up coming to Earth, but with Strange's death the bond that held her appears to be broken. Now she has somehow returned here, and embedded in her chest is the nullstone. She expresses surprise that the bloodgems did not drive the siblings insane without the nullstone to stabilize them. They all go to bed but later that night Elsa awakens Cullen and says the girl disappeared. Also strange phenomena are happening like floating objects. They eventually find her glowing and consuming items and she confesses that the nullstone requires her to feed on magical energy. Cullen is angry she is destroying things and turns into Glartrox. Lyra drains away some of the magical energy from the monster and Cullen returns to normal and passes out. Lyra and Elsa then have a talk about hunting monsters and how Lyra thinks sorcerers are the real ones to blame and not the creatures they manipulate, not to mention how salty she is that none ever tried to rescue her from her magical captivity. They are then interrupted by a powerful energy blast that reveals Krakkan has emerged from his imprisonment and brought lots of zombies with him, yet another bad result of Strange no longer being around to enforce magical pacts. They awake Cullen and Lyra tells him that he should now be able to control his transformation and even banish Glartrox when he is done. Due to her having been consuming magic for thousands of years she now is able to begin a process that will allow her to make the house into zone where no magic can be done. While she is doing this Cullen and Elsa go out to do battle with Krakkan and his undead. While Elsa faces the warlord, Cullen leads the minions into the traps he set earlier. They then prepare for the final showdown with the boss monster but Lyra comes out to drain away his energy as the last step in her plan. Elsa is concerned Lyra is drawing in too much and will explode but Lyra asks for her trust and they allow her to complete the process. Her plan works and later she and Elsa witness Cullen finally banishing away the Glartrox from himself. As they sit down to dinner together as a family, Lyra theorizes that some sorcerers may have had alliances with Krakkan and will be unhappy he was destroyed. Elsa hopes they come so she can deal with them, and if the Sorcerer Supreme ever comes back she will have some serious questions for him as well.
I would say this tie-in is for Bloodstone fans only (meaning the family, not the gems. I guess it would be for those just fans of the gems too though why would you be fans of the item? Seems weird) as the story in itself isn't compelling enough. But for those characters this is actually a pretty impactful issue. Obviously the biggest is that they gain a member of their family. Also Cullen is finally separated from the monster inside. And Elsa seems to have a change in her mindset, though honestly I would be surprised if it sticks (a monster hunter is going to monster hunt). Plus the nullstone's presence should stabilize and amplify their abilities and now their manor is a magic-free zone. These are all elements that could form a strong base for a mini and I am sure Tini Howard would love to write it, but I am not sure the Bloodstones have the fanbase to justify it. I guess the reception of this issue will help determine that.

As for the art, everything looks great (especially the monsters) by Ig Guarra. However as someone who read Avengers Arena I always thought Cullen was a child. He is definitely drawn to look like an adult here.
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Re: Death of Dr Strange: Bloodstone

Post by EphemeristX » 14 Jan 2022, 17:32

I understood him to be highschool age during AA. I just figured he was short/a late bloomer. He was definitely portrayed similarly to this in Excalibur.
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