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Black Panther Legends #2

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Black Panther Legends #2

Post by Cable » 19 Nov 2021, 20:16

In this issue T'Challa for the first time meets a young girl named Ororo

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Three years after his father's death T'Challa is a nomad on the plains of east Africa. His father once made this same journey and T'Challa is hoping to learn some lesson by walking in his footsteps. At night some thieves steal from him while he is sleeping in a cave and he gives chase. He catches up and finds they are kids but he has bigger problems as some armed mercenaries also show up. They mention being sent by someone called "the Wolf" and they plan to ransom him. He prepares to fight them and receives some unexpected aid from a young girl that can control the weather. She tells the other kids to give T'Challa back his things and introduces herself as Ororo. She notes that she is helping these kids after they fled violence in Ethiopia and she mentions how all neighboring countries accepted refugees--except Wakanda. He mentions Wakanda's pledges of non-intervention and she brushes it aside and allows him to stay with them, though of course they don't live like Wakandan royalty. Over the next weeks he works hard to make conditions better for them. After a month has passed though Ororo reveals that she is moving on: she must return to her ancestral homeland of Kenya in hopes to understand the powers she has. T'Challa has little time to process this as he then receives an urgent call from Shuri through his Kimoyo Beads. She tells him that Hunter controls the Hatut Zeraze now and is causing unrest in neighboring countries in order to strengthen the position of Wakanda. She has not told their uncle the Regent King Syan out of fear that Hunter's spies would provoke open civil war. She mentions Hunter calls himself White Wolf now and T'Challa realizes that is who sent the mercenaries; he immediately decides he must return home. He tells Ororo and she is angry that in typical Wakandan fashion he abandons others to attend to his own matters. He says that he is putting others in danger and he has finally learned the lesson of his wanderings: he has a duty he must fulfill. He gifts her his spear as a promise that one day they will meet again, and then returns to Wakanda.
Two issues in I realize that I was mistaken about what this series is supposed to be. Given the title I made what I thought was a reasonable assumption that this is similar to X-Men Legends in that it adds more material to old stories. In reality this series does the opposite, serving to streamline past stories. The early meeting of T'Challa and Storm has been told elsewhere before and this is just a condensed version of that. Basically if you are already familiar with the history of Black Panther, there is no reason to read this series. It is instead for those who are discovering the character for the first time and just want the basics of his origin.
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