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The Marvels #1

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The Marvels #1

Post by Cable » 01 May 2021, 02:40

This book co-stars Storm!

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
1947 in the Sin-Cong province of French Indochina. Jacques Duquesne is making a deal selling guns to rebel Monsieur Khruul when they are interrupted by a woman stumbling in asking for help hiding. They see the All-Winners Squad fly overhead and realize she must be valuable. Her name turns out to be Lotus. Fast forward to seventeen years before the present and there is a second war of liberation and American observers are present with the rebels. One of those brought in is Reed Richards, accompanied by Ben Grimm, and they are shown what appears to be the giant skull of some horned beast hidden in the forest. Move forward five years and large numbers of American forces are now involved in the conflict and Daredevil is performing at a USO show. In the audience is soldier Flash Thompson who overhears someone whisper about smuggling something for Khruul. Thompson intervenes and is told to keep his mouth shut or he might find out how dangerous the jungle can be. Fast forward another five years but now we are at the ocean near Alaska. Thor and Iron Man defeat what looks like a dragon; Thor has never seen anything like it. Now jump to ten days beyond the present. Captain America leaps from a Wakandan transport over Sin-Cong. The province has been covered by a massive black dome. He penetrates it thanks to some magic tech from Dr Strange but it seals behind him again. He travels 70 miles through the forest before encountering soldiers at a temple called The Hollow Place. He notes the soldiers appear to not be human and then he encounters Lady Lotus with more reinforcements. He throws down some orbs and from them spring a whole team of superheroes: Kevin Schumer, Aarkus, Human Torch, Aero, Warbird (not the Shiar one), Black Cat, Iron Man, and Storm. Then we go back to the present (are you still following?). Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers are enjoying lunch in the park and Kevin Schumer gets some great shots to upload to his social media. He meets up with a girl named Anna for a picnic but then has to quickly leave when contacted by some clients. It turns out he runs a superhero sightseeing tour in Manhattan using a modified Fantasticar. He is showing an older couple around, looking at Daily Bugle and Baxter Building for example, when they then encounter a real-live superhero battle between Spider-Man and Vulture! They are enjoying it when in the nearby Little Sin-cong neighborhood there is a massive explosion. This shocks the clients and they want to end the tour. Schumer's phone is blowing up with messages from an 'Uncle T' who is telling him to get to Little Sin-cong but Schumer cannot right now because of his tour. We then see just what is going on over there: the blast was the result of the Punisher mowing down some gangsters and accidentally causing the detonation of some mysterious black explosive substance they have. This is observed by a strange man named Ace who rides a teleporting motorcycle and is remotely speaking to an even stranger character named Threadneedle. This person seems aware of the past, present, and future and is wondering if they will have to intervene in events.
I should clarify that when I say stars Storm I mean Storm appears on exactly one page with no words. But there she is on the cover and on the title page so she is a co-star! In all seriousness she will be presumably appearing in future issues as we learn more.

This series The Marvels, not to be confused but probably will be with the series Marvels, for those who don't know is according to writer Busiek built on the premise that he wants to create a storyline that runs throughout Marvel history and draws in characters directly or indirectly from every corner. It is a showcase of all the Marvel Universe has to offer.
From the first issue I would say he is certainly successfully doing so, although how he ends up with the truly eclectic team of heroes that this eventually ends up in I have no idea. That is what you have to stick around for I guess. New character Schumer is fun because of course a superhero tour exists, the kind of in-superhero-universe idea that Busiek likes to play with. But the scenes taking place in the past are the ones that most interest me. I will leave it to someone else to rend their garments about whether the very specific dates used in any way make sense. I'm just enjoying Busiek tie in some very obscure bits of lore (Khruul?!). Seeing it weave all the way through the present is going to be a lot of fun. I have high hopes for this title.

I do kind of wish they had used different artists for different time periods because I think that would have been fun. Instead they have gone with Cinar who, and I don't mean this to sound negative, draws in a generic enough style that it is somewhat timeless. I guess they thought it would be better to have that as something that unifies the Marvel eras. Fair enough.

I really hope we get to see a scene of Professor Oak giving Captain America those Poke Balls. Also I hope Cap is doing a re-read of Lord of the Rings because if it took him 75 years to get around to it I am going to be pretty disappointed in him.
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Re: The Marvels #1

Post by WorldWideWade » 03 May 2021, 15:10

Busiek's Astro City is one of my all time favorite comic runs so the idea that this series is the Marvel equivalent of that is very exciting. So far this seems set up for success and I look forward to reading more of it.

Has anyone read the other Marvel limited series that came before this? I wasn't much interested in Marvels X but the limited series titled I think just "Marvel" seemed interesting. I believe it was an artist centric series that got delayed from the pandemic.
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