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Miles Morales Spider-Man #22

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Miles Morales Spider-Man #22

Post by Cable » 08 Jan 2021, 19:53

How is Spider-Man going to cope with the death of Uncle Ben?...Wait which one is this? Oh I mean...

How is Spider-Man going to cope with the death of Uncle Aaron?

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Miles sees his dad put up a sign that says "Welcome to the Morales Home" and questions it, causing Jefferson to reveal he has legally changed his own last name from Davis to Morales. He mentions Aaron was the one who first told him to change his name, to get out of their life in Brooklyn and never look back. He says they need to do some kind of service for Aaron and Miles objects they don't really know if he is dead. Jeff tells his son that Miles should get out of the house and let off some steam. Taking his advice, Spider-Man is soon web-slinging alongside Starling. She confides in him she is having a hard time dealing with revelations of a supervillain in the family, something that Spidey says he can actually relate to. They end up getting interrupted by a an ice mummy as big as a building. Inside 'piloting' it is the Frost Pharoah, now calling himself the Ice God and looking for revenge. We interrupt this scene to update what is going on with the supporting cast: Barbara, Ganke, and Judge are at the office of Congresswoman Hurtado-Ramos, who tells them all charges have been dropped. They promise to not give up the fight against CRADLE's injustice though, and as they exit Judge has to go home but Ganke and Barbara decide to get some food. Things are a bit awkward for them considering Barbara was once Miles's gf, but her and Ganke happen to touch hands...Back over to the Ice God, the giant mummy receives a super-charged venom blast to the dome and explodes. Starling knocks out Frost Pharoah and he gets webbed up. The two young heroes share a moment and after Starling says her name is Tiana, Spider-Man takes off his mask and reveals he is Miles Morales. She gives him a kiss before the two part ways. Miles returns to his room where Ganke says there are reports of some kind of alien attack. They look out the window and there is a symbiote dragon!
Quote from this issue: "And that name, Jefferson Davis --- it's tainted. I don't know why the hell my parents named me that. They're gone now and I can't ask them."

Allow me to translate what this really says: "And that name, Jefferson Davis --- it's tainted. I don't know why the hell Brian Bendis named this character that. He is gone to DC now and I can't ask him."

For years people have wondered why the f#$& Bendis would name an African-American character Jefferson Davis, and AFAIK we have never received any real answer. But finally Saladin Ahmed has been the one to just spike that right in the rubbish bin. The character is Jeff Morales. Let's all forget anything otherwise ever happened.

Last issue was the big conclusion to the Ultimatum storyline and next issue is the tie-in to the big King in Black event, so this is a nice take-a-breath break with just some character moments. There is a kaiju mummy to fight but that is mostly a joke character presented just so Miles can bond with Starling. The moment between them (a dumb move imo but he is a teen and she is hot so these things happen), the moment with his father, and the possible budding romance for Ganke were all nicely shown. An issue that is relatively quiet, yet impactful in ways that will matter moving forward.
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