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Iron Man # 1

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Iron Man # 1

Post by Northstar404 » 17 Sep 2020, 01:11

An interesting start didn't blow me away though. that said CAFU's art is gorgeous

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Re: Iron Man # 1

Post by EphemeristX » 17 Sep 2020, 13:13

It basically spent the entire issue firmly closing the door on the previous run.

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Re: Iron Man # 1

Post by Blackcyclops » 17 Sep 2020, 14:22

EphemeristX wrote:
17 Sep 2020, 13:13
It basically spent the entire issue firmly closing the door on the previous run.

Unlike with basically every other major solo hero, writers really seem to like taking Tony back to some square 1 and building up their own thing. You even see that with runs in the 90s and 80s.

Even though Cates is doing his thing, his run is clearly building on Aaron’s. Aaron’s run was not that far removed from what JMS, Fraction and Gillen had done. Coates started at a sort of ground zero but that was really only because the Spencer Cap wasn’t really Cap. But you don’t see that much disconnect from Remender’s (more scifi) and Waid’s Cap (more optimistic) take. And Spidey from Slott to Spencer still has a continuity. Even DD, who writers love to kind of blow up and put back together, you can more clearly see a thorough line from even Bendis to now.

I think what makes Tony this way is the armor aspect. Every writer wants to create their Stark armor and that, for them, means breaking him down and building him up. And I don’t mean like “oh he loses his company”, I mean almost like retelling the schematics of mythos.

I enjoyed the issue and always welcome some more Hellcat in my life. And if the villain is who I think it is, this is going to get weird lol
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Re: Iron Man # 1

Post by Cable » 20 Sep 2020, 04:52

I personally loved this back-to-basics approach and I actually think it fits nicely the wake of Slott's run. True Cantwell is totally ditching the new armor, but he is clearly following up on the identity crisis. Tony just got so caught up in AI that he literally lost his sense of self. It makes sense that he would now want to step away from it all and try to get back to something simpler. If you were invested in the relationship with Wasp I can see how you might be annoyed at it being brushed away here, but it never really clicked for me.

And DAMN I am loving Cafu's art!
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