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Captain Marvel # 21

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Captain Marvel # 21

Post by Northstar404 » 10 Sep 2020, 01:54

Kelly Thompson continues to a great job writing this series, this was a fun arc.

Some spoilers
Spoiler: show
Picking up from where the last issue left off Lauri-Ell is trying to fight through the Cotati to save Kit.
Have received her message Captain Marvel, War Machine, Spider-Woman and Hazmat join the battle. During the fight Doctor, Strange’s spell starts to ware off which causes some problems for the heroes.
Also, the Univeral weapon gets knocked out Carol’s hands, however, Lauri-Ell after hesitating picks up the hammer and can use it.
The Cotati are defeated and Kit is saved, afterward, Lauri-Ell returns to the hammer to Carol since the war isn’t over yet.
Carol tells Lauri-Ell that they have to person who destroyed the city and Framed her for it and that once everything is settled they’ll bring Lawson to Emperor Hulking and clear her name.
Later Lauri-Ell who has taken the role of accuser meets with Carol in Maine the sister’s talk for a bit then visits Maire/Mari-ell’s grave.

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Re: Captain Marvel # 21

Post by Cable » 11 Sep 2020, 04:45

I am a little torn on this because on the one hand I don't love this sister storyline that came out of nowhere, but on the other Thompson did such a great job writing it. The scene at the end is very touching. She just might win me over. I had wished Carol would actually continue on in the role of Accuser but Lauri-Ell doing so is also fitting. I hope she frequently calls upon Carol to aid her and we can get Captain Marvel in some epic space stories. Though I would miss Hazmat as her 'sidekick' here on Earth!
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Re: Captain Marvel # 21

Post by norwichchris » 11 Sep 2020, 21:35

Oddly enough do actually love this series an awful lot. It has great characterisation, good artwork and the stories are for the most part interesting and well thought out.

Lauri-ell would be very inexperienced in the Accuser role so yes she will likely call upon Carol to aid her and it is interesting to see how this impacts upon the Kree-Skrull united empire.

One thing that has bothered me though were exactly are there empires supposed to be based? the Skrulls got wiped out and the Kree nearly got wiped out by the Shi-Ar? are they restoring there empire in the Milkyway? that could cause problems.

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