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Ironheart #8

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Ironheart #8

Post by Cable » 11 Jul 2019, 15:42

Ironheart meets Dr Strange!
Spoiler: show
Riri, Xavier, and Nadia are watching news reports of the recent zombie incident and find little to nothing is known about it. Riri does have a lead though in that Eclipse was wearing the symbol of the Ten Rings, the group of global mercenaries she has encountered. Riri also expresses how disturbing it is to her that Midnight's Fire wanted her to join them, to be a father figure of sorts to her, and what does it mean that he saw something in her to suggest she might do that? Nadia relates to Riri missing her father, but says it is true anyone is capable of evil and thus it is important in each moment that they choose to do the right thing. She then leaves to return to GIRL and Xavier asks if there is anything Riri wants to talk about. She muses that she needs to find a magic user, and Xavier suggests she is avoiding her emotions and just working herself to death. He goes home and she heads to the Sanctum Sanctorum. The door opens and as per usual Strange is inside battling some interdimensional tentacle-monster. This being is Zetok the Merciless and Ironheart helps blast it to pieces before Strange closes off the portal. They then sit down for a chat and she explains the whole situation. He says that her arrival is ill-timed because recently an artifact called the Stone of Hala was stolen from him and it is an object that can be used to create a threshold between realities that unleashes a portal of unimaginable power. He scoffs at the idea that Midnight's Fire could breach his defenses but is alarmed when she mentions the villain is pursuing the Wellspring of Power. He shows her ancient scrolls about the Wellspring, actually a series of openings around the globe where cosmic power can be accessed. Various evil-doers have sought them but all openings are said to have been sealed, though he suspects one could remain hidden. He wants to know why she is so interested in this and uses a spell to read her mind. He then sees it is personal for her and warns her not to imitate the arrogance of her mentor Tony Stark. These forces might be beyond her control. As he is saying this he is closing up the scroll about the Wellspring and she stops him: he saw through his spell a hint of where it might be didn't he? He relents and tells her that access to the Wellspring can indeed be found -- in Wakanda!
I said a couple issues ago after a guest appearance by Spider-Man and a preview of a guest appearance by Wasp that this was in danger of becoming a book where Ironheart is just the "other hero" in a team-up title. And now we have a guest appearance of Dr. Strange and a preview of a guest appearance by Shuri. So that danger is still there. Despite this though Ewing does a better job here of actually progressing the book's overall narrative and characterization than what we got with the recent diversion of the zombie episode and especially whatever that thing was in issue 6. Both Nadia and Strange give interesting insight into Ironheart and her situation, though there is a little too much expository dialogue in regards to Ten Rings and the Wellspring as if we haven't been following these threads all along. With her off to where the Wellspring actually is I hope we can progress much more deeply into the real heart of this title's plot and get more away from team-up of the week storytelling it veered into.
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