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War of Realms Strike Force The War Avengers # 1

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War of Realms Strike Force The War Avengers # 1

Post by Northstar404 » 15 May 2019, 23:52

Overall I enjoyed this one-shot, it had some good interactions between the character especially between Bucky and Natasha. While I’m not his biggest fan I even liked Deadpool in this.

So on to the spoilers
Spoiler: show
We start with Deadpool fighting some fire sharks both he and his opponent end up in the ocean. The shark eats Deadpool who comments about how dark it is in the shark. Then someone “Saves” him that person turns out to be Namor who isn’t happy about the fight being brought to Atlantis. He demands that Deadpool explain. Captain Marvel and Lady Sif show up, Carol tries to convince Namor to help to fight Malekiths armies. Namor refuses to do so. They leave and Deadpool joins the team. Back at Avengers mountain, Deadpool asks Captain Marvel how Captain America expects her to win the war. Carol tells him that he doesn’t that they are basically trying to Hold the Line. Vemon and Weapon H are also there. Cut to Black Widow and the Winter Soldier who has broken into a weapons factor to steal a fighter jet but are caught by two Frost Giants as they try to escape with the jet. However, the War Avengers arrive and quick dispatch the two Giants. Later the War Avengers are fighting Malekiths forces in Stockholm the Dark elves call Deadpool the murder clown, the Dark elves start shouting kill the Avengers. Outnumber it looks the team is cornered but Carol Calls Captain Britain who proves a portal for them to escape through. After some discussion Captain Britain tells them that Malekith is in London, Carol says if they can take him out they can end the war. In London we see Black Knight, Union Jack and Spitfire (Sorry if I got her name wrong) hold up in pub when they are attacked by Malekith. The War Avengers arrive they fight Malekith and his forces, it goes the same way it did in War of Realms # 3.We wrap up with Carol giving a speech on the nature of War as we see the War Avengers fighting Malekith armies around the world.(Its a pretty good speech in my opinion

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Re: War of Realms Strike Force The War Avengers # 1

Post by Blackcyclops » 20 May 2019, 02:28

Really enjoyed this too...great way to expand on the actual events in issue...
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