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Marvel Knights #3

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Marvel Knights #3

Post by Cable » 07 Dec 2018, 15:15

We are now several issues in to this 20th anniversary Marvel Knights special

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Daredevil is confused about Karen Page being alive but before he can process this the Hulk attacks and seems to punch right through her like she is a ghost. Hulk is then hitting his head yelling "Hulk Smash and Punisher Punish!" We then get a flashback of how Castle got to this moment: it started with a dream he had of being in a fight with something on his chest. But he wakes up and goes about his life as an NYPD cop with his lover Gina, an EMT he met on the job. Frank thinks he should be happy a great woman wants to start a family with him, but something is holding him back. Why does he feel like he is spitting on someone's grave...And then the day came when Banner came into the precinct with that crude drawing of a skull. He has many drawings referencing Tony Stark and Thor and other weird things and claims children gave them to him. Castle agrees to go to Ryker's Island where the self-help guru Stark is serving life in prison for embezzlement and insider trading. Castle asks if he knows anything about the drawings but the guards then end up jumping him. Stark angrily says people linking him to mysterious messages is what got him in here in the first place. Castle fends off the guards and then threatens to report this but Stark says his influence means those reports never get far. Frank rejoins Banner in the car but then receives a call from dispatch to catch a vandalism suspect. Castle meets up with Officer Donald Blake but when Blake fires his gun off Frank takes the weapon away from him and pursues alone. Frank catches the punk, who calls Castle an idiot mortal and says he needs to speak to the other cop, and refers to Blake as his brother's once-host. Castle tries to taze him but somehow the punk appears behind him and escaped from his handcuffs. Frank threatens to shoot him and the punk eggs him on. Castle fires multiple shots and feels a weight on him lessen...but the punk is gone. Castle returns home and finds himself becoming more distant from Gina as he rubs the finger on his left hand. The next day he is with Banner again and questioning if this is all worth pursuing if it is ruining his life and Banner says this life is not the truth. They have followed another note that says "Scarlet Witch" to a woman named Wanda's house--the door is answered by her two sons who say they have some of their mother's gifts and tell them no children wrote this note. Wanda speaks to Castle and says she sees the skull-shaped weight on him. He wants to start a family but can't abandon his vow. Castle angrily storms out on this crazy person. She says he can't abandon his vow just because it is easy, his soul thirsts for revenge. He feels she is somehow right. Her sons attack Frank but he fights them off. Wanda says he cannot trade absolution for comfort and that there are worlds that can be shaped by sentences or by machines. Back to the moment this issue started with and Karen Page is back and says she is fine. Castle says he believes she is a ghost or something to bring them together because he has seen weirder things this week and now they need to track down the last note: it says T'Challa.
I must say I am liking this. Some might be frustrated at just how long it is taking Cates and his collaborators to reveal what the heck is going on here and whether this is an alternate world or an illusion or what. Personally I like the mystery and they are slowly dripping out more clues and characters. How good it is will ultimately come down to just what the answers are, but so far I am enjoying this bizarre ride. I also like that we are getting a different artist each issue. It helps convey the idea of how shifty this all is.
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Re: Marvel Knights #3

Post by Blackcyclops » 07 Dec 2018, 15:28

This would have been (so far) a great TV miniseries...I like how brutal it is at times and how it fits perfectly into what the Marvel Knights line was
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Re: Marvel Knights #3

Post by Anna Raven » 08 Dec 2018, 21:19

Yeh this is great. I love these kind of alternate timeline/mystery series. Reminds me of 1602 and Powerless, both of which were great.
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