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Killmonger #1

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Killmonger #1

Post by Cable » 06 Dec 2018, 15:22

Anyone trying out this Killmonger origin comic? Thoughts?

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Remember that time Killmonger returned to Wakanda and threw T'Challa off a waterfall? This is what led up to that return...Years ago Killmonger graduated from MIT. His guidance counselor had all kinds of job offers for him but he turned them all down. During their conversation the subject of fathers comes up and he says his died in an industrial accident. He recalls when M'Demwe and Klaw then took him away from Wakanda. Back to the guidance counselor, she asks why Erik is giving her a certain look. They end up sleeping together. He recalls M'Demwe telling him every outsider is an enemy and to always embrace his anger. Erik calls her a colonizer on his way out the door. He also flashes back to when he ultimately killed M'Demwe. Now he plans to do the same to Klaw. He almost ends up sniping him during a human trafficking deal in New York, but he is knocked out by a woman calling herself Knight. He is captured and taken to two dudes called King and Rook; these three were acting as insurance for the Klaw deal. Erik says he has to kill them too now. They reveal they work for the Kingpin. Wilson asks why he should let Erik live but Killmonger just mocks them. King ends up dropping him off at the docks and telling him to get out of the city by sunrise. Erik returns to his hotel room, but ends up being attacked by a gunman. Erik kills the man and then King reappears again and Killmonger realizes this was all a trick. King offers to recruit him to their group; he mentions that Kingpin can get him close to Klaw. Erik pulls a gun out but King has powers and uses them to throw him out the window. They end up taking Erik out to a beach house on Long Island. Knight and Rook don't trust the kid but King says they need him to show Kingpin what they can really do. Erik is out by the ocean, hearing Bast telling him to return home. He says he has no home. Knight comes out and says if he becomes a problem she will put him down herself. She then asks why he is giving her a certain look.
Obviously they are going to make it somewhat resemble the movie, but as of yet unlike the Captain Marvel origin I don't think there has been any significant retconning here (though I am far from an expert on Black Panther comics history). The movie does actually help this comic though in that you can see this character as interpreted by Michael Jordan's excellent portrayal. The Moby Dick scene was great and you can really get a strong sense of this guy's anger, recklessness, and obsession. Linking him further into the MU through the Kingpin is a nice idea but Hill has done it loosely through these other characters that quite frankly can end up as expendable. I am looking forward to see Killmonger's journey from his mission of vengeance against Klaw turning into his mission to triumphantly return home. Ferreyra's art is not my favorite but it isn't bad either.
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