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Amazing Spider-Man #795

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Amazing Spider-Man #795

Post by Cable » 08 Feb 2018, 17:20

How are people liking the new (old) status quo with Parker back to being poor, unpopular, and working at the Bugle?

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Parker moves into an apartment, though the tenants don't seem to think much of him and a billboard right outside reminds that Webware was a failure. To make matters worse, when he gets to work he finds that people with a grudge against the defunct Parker Industries are spamming the anonymous news tip hotline. He has no time to deal with it as he receives a mystical summons from the Sorcerer Supreme. He goes to the Sanctum Sanctorum and is shocked to find Loki is the new resident. The new Sorcerer Supreme reminds Parker that Loki still owes him a favor. While this is going on May has invited Peter and Mockingbird to lunch; Peter of course doesn't show and Bobbi has to awkwardly explain her and Pete broke up because it turns out they have nothing in common (when not superheroing). Back to Loki, who is complaining he is trying to save the world from mystic threats but heroes keep interrupting him. He however can help Peter out of his bad situation by reversing time; Peter however has bad experience with this sort of thing. He gets so worked up about not wanting this that he breaks a statue that turns out to have been entombing several hideous giant wasps. Spidey and Loki defeat these bugs as the things attack people in town, although Spider-Man ends up running into the diner where Bobbi and May are. Peter then asks Loki to reverse time after all because one civilian died from the wasps; Loki offers to go back further to make Peter wealthy again but Parker refuses and just wants to go before he broke the statue. Loki does so and Peter, retaining his memories, goes to meet Bobbi and May for lunch after all. When Loki is alone, he makes it clear the statue incident was all a set-up to get himself out of debt to Parker forever. Finally we see Norman Osborn bond with the Carnage symbiote, and while Norman tries to stay in control it seems to override his consciousness completely in its bloodlust.
This is an amazing callback issue. You have to imagine this is Slott having some fun on his way out. The stated purpose of this issue is for Loki to get rid of a favor he owes Parker. When did this favor come about? That would be Amazing Spider-Man #504 (written by J M Straczynski). That was in 2004! Slott is resolving a 14 year-old plot thread. Just awesome.

I hope the Parker/Morse break-up sticks. For some reason I just wasn't feeling them as a couple.

I'm a bit torn on the final scene. On the one hand, I like the Cletus Kasady version a lot so I don't know how I feel about that being over. On the other hand, this is such a brilliant idea I am surprised nobody has done it before. It is a great combination of two villains.

Mike Hawthorne's art isn't bad, but I really hope we can get Stuart Immonen back for another arc.
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