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Ms. Marvel #26

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Ms. Marvel #26

Post by Cable » 12 Jan 2018, 02:28

Starring everyone's favorite heroine, Zoe!

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Zoe does her best to distract the giant lizard robot until Red Dagger manages to find its weak spot and blow it up courtesy of some broken power cables. Zoe returns to Gabe, Mike, and Nakia and says she has seen this sort of thing before and it looks like the work of the Inventor, except that guy is supposed to be dead. She recalls the old man Harold that said something about a science dungeon. Elsewhere we see Naftali looking for Kamala, and after he describes her to his Uncle Aaron over at his butcher shop he is told that Aaron saw her once wearing a uniform. Now over at the retirement home Zoe, in her Ms. Marvel garb, has found Harold and has him show her where this science dungeon is. They find a bunch of elderly people hooked up to machines but before they can free them they are confronted by Inventor. Zoe questions how he is alive and he asks whether she saw the Inventor die or just his invention? He also says she doesn't know what he is and she doesn't know what herself is either. Later that day Nakia becomes concerned over Zoe disappearing but her, Mike, and Gabe don't know what they can do. That is when Red Dagger shows up to offer his help. All three gear up in their own Ms. Marvel costumes.
It is a bold choice to write an arc of Ms. Marvel that doesn't have Ms. Marvel in it at all, but I am enjoying it and that shows the strength of her supporting cast of friends that has been developed. Zoe is a delight and it was also the right move to have this amateur replacement Ms Marvel face the very first villain that Kamala had to face. It is a fun story, Nico Leon's art fits it perfectly, and it should be interesting to see how it resolves and how Kamala makes her return and whether she continues to receive active help from the Kamala Corps.
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