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Falcon #2

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Falcon #2

Post by Cable » 10 Nov 2017, 15:12

Who is reading the new Falcon ongoing? Thoughts so far?

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Falcon and Patriot are saving as many people as they can from the gang violence that has erupted. Meanwhile we see Dray has instigated the situation on behalf of Blackheart. He asks for his money and the demon mocks him for his pettiness and then decides to show him something. They astral travel to a special meeting of various cosmic villains (Thanos, Galactus, Mephisto, Molecule Man, In-Betweener, etc) and Blackheart explains once a year they meet to discuss their greatest victories and defeats. He once asked to sit in on this important group and Mephisto banished him to the seventh circle of Hell for a thousand years. That is when he decided to do something that they had never done: conquer the Earth. Blackheart and Dray then travel to Hell where the gang leader's magical bracelet is noted and he is reminded if he is loyal to Blackheart he will come to rule the planet. Back in Chicago Falcon and Patriot are finding little police presence downtown. One officer instructs him that he is to report to the mayor. Mayor Agnew mocks Falcon as a troublemaker, mentioning the evil Cap America situation, and tells him to leave Chicago or be arrested. Falcon complies but meets with Dr. Voodoo as he suspects Dray was using magic. Voodoo confirms this and then gives a pep talk to Sam Wilson, who calls Patriot and heads back into the city. Voodoo confronts Blackheart but is defeated. The demon then reveals he is disguising himself as Mayor Agnew. He orders his SWAT team to surround Falcon and Patriot and take them in.
This is the first comic book effort of writer Rodney Barnes, who previously was the writer of the show Boondocks. The artist is Joshua Cassara and he does a nice job, along with colorist Rosenberg.

As for the story, the weak point is I see the whole villain's motivation it sits on as pretty weak. Blackheart is just whinging because he doesn't get to sit at the cool kids' table (literally) and the very idea that those characters are sitting around for brunch is pretty ridiculous. Galactus is just chilling with Master Order and Lord Chaos now? Thanos and Death are hanging out again? Just so they can all humble brag? It seems silly to me. Not to mention Blackheart's quest for global domination is apparently built around him teaming up with an otherwise unexceptional inner-city gang leader.

I'm not surprised though that Rahm Emanuel is secretly Blackheart. They don't call him that but come on we know who the mayor of Chicago is.

I will get the next issue because I am wondering how Falcon handles his arrest and how he can possibly defeat an evil hell-demon that just stomped Voodoo. But this series isn't off to the strongest start.
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