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Amazing Spider-Man #31

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Amazing Spider-Man #31

Post by Cable » 10 Aug 2017, 14:16

This is a Secret Empire tie-in

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
The Superior Octopus has taken control of the Spider-mobiles and Peter is getting thrashed so it looks like Otto has won this one. After taking out the failsafes in the other Parker Industries locations he is now set to do so in Shanghai and gain access to all intellectual property of the company. Lian is able to buy some time buy hot-wiring her Spider-Mobile to take manual control and attacking Doc Ock herself. Spidey uses the opening to change to Peter Parker and transmit a video message to everyone at PI that they are to destroy literally everything. Ock is horrified that Parker would destroy everything he/they built, and down on the street below Aunt May is also sad to hear everything Peter has is over including the Uncle Ben Foundation. The employees inside have mixed emotions as they destroy their work to prevent Hydra from gaining it. Aunt May encounters Lian's mother, who can see her daughter above fighting. May says she must be scared watching that but Lian's mother says she has faith in her daughter fighting the good fight and faith that she raised her right. Spider-Man engages Ock again but the Doc uses a special variation on Osborn's EM blast to totally obliterate Spider-Man's suit...except Parker has on the original red-and-blues underneath. And Philip Chang had figured out the frequency Otto was transmitting to control the Spider-Mobiles, and Parker is able to reverse the process to control Ock's EM device and explode it on the villain. Ock's arms are useless now but he is able to distract Peter by suggesting the blast will cause Lian to fall, and then he makes his escape. Down below Spider-Man encounters Aunt May: she says to tell Peter she is proud of him and Spider-Man should be heading home to continue the good fight. Back at the Hydra Base Zola is congratulating Otto on being a good soldier and destroying Parker Industries like Rogers wanted. The Superior Octopus is furious that he is forced to be someone's lackey.
Holy heck that was an issue! And talk about using company synergy. Slott has shown a great ability to roll with shifting editorial ground before and here he uses a tie-in to reshape his character's whole situation and in such a way he is perfectly ready for the next event/rebranding Legacy effort. But it doesn't feel forced at all, it is a natural continuation of events that have been happening in this title. I loved when Ock pointed out that Peter was basically just continuing on as Ock had done. Doc Ock tried to be Superior Spider-Man and then Parker tried to be the Superior Superior Spider-Man instead of the Spider-Man he was before. But now everything gets reset as Slott is again unafraid to majorly shake-up the character into a brand new direction, albeit one that points to the past (including a focus on Osborn again next issue). I gotta admit that moment when his suit burned away...I almost literally jumped up and cheered! "This is the only suit I've ever needed to beat you." MIC DROP

Slott has earned trust many times over and I am very interested to see what ideas he has going forward. And damn happy Immonen is on art because he is Amazing.
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Re: Amazing Spider-Man #31

Post by Blackcyclops » 10 Aug 2017, 19:30

You sound kinda shocked Cable lol...that's the bonus of a shared universe (and the added bonus of having a dvariety of books out, so if you're into interconnection you can get it or you can get more standalone stuff too) and Slott has been always adept at reveling in that aspect of the MU (like Waid and Ewing, among others).

This was just a gut punch but also a great end to this chapter in his life...I just can't imagine what comes next.
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Re: Amazing Spider-Man #31

Post by Cyke » 15 Aug 2017, 21:04

Yeah, this was a terrific ending to this amazing tie-in arc. I know some fans who were incensed that Slott had turned Peter into a poor man's Tony Stark, that making him a global CEO took him too far away from the image of being a hard-luck hero. But part of what I've loved about Slott's current work is how Peter has used that capability to continue doing what he feels is necessary and right, no matter the perceptive cost to his company. So burning it all down is exactly the Parker thing to do no matter the consequences, loved it.

Also, Slott nailed it on some amazing character insights between Otto and Peter here, who is trying to be Superior of the other? The personal effects and costs of this tie-in is what made it stand out to me and made it all the more dramatic and fun.

Whatever comes next, I just hope Slott continues the growing romance between Peter and Bobbi. An unlikely pairing that I've never considered but man, Slott makes it work so well.
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Re: Amazing Spider-Man #31

Post by tokenBG1009 » 16 Aug 2017, 04:26

Based on Cable's response to this I think I may have to give Slott another shot here. I quit reading pretty early on, but I'll have to give it a shot. I never felt this was a good direction for Peter Parker and it seems kind of echoed here.
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